Chicago PD, premiered in early November its season 8, which is currently on a short hiatus for December dates. But, the production of the series has not stopped so they have announced the new character who will join the Voight team.

Actor Cleveland Berto is joining Chicago PD season 8 to play Officer Jalen Walker. Officer Jalen Walker will be a very idealistic policeman, practically a great person, very cultured, athlete, studious, intelligent, and family man.

Walker made this surprising decision because he wants to make a difference. Since Intelligence isn’t exactly packed with cops who stay on the straight and narrow path even if they start on an idealistic path.

It’s hard to imagine how she’ll fit in perfectly with them if she ends up taking Vanessa Rojas’s place in the unit. But, there will certainly be problems to fit in with everyone.

Although it has not been announced that the new actor will replace Vanessa Rojas’ actress, Lisseth Ch├ívez, it is more than obvious to know that this is what will happen.

But, in what way will the character of Rojas come out, with a death? Or an Antonio Dawson- style outing?