If it comes to complicated connections, Chicago Fire has developed a knack for creating intriguing and intricate adore romantic storylines to enhance the series’s action-packed fire and rescue storylines.

No show is complete without a little love and will-they-won’t-they play, that is exactly what Chicago Fire season 9 has brought to the personality of Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer), who’s spent the time struggling to sort out his feelings for paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) along with his ex-wife Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund).

Though we’ve not seen Gabby since the ninth episode of the season, “Greatest Friend Magic,” she has continued to have a lingering character on Chicago Fire through Casey’s recent romantic storyline involving Brett.

While it seemed like Casey and Brett were finally going to give in to their developing feelings for one another early in season 9, the authors pumped the fractures when Brett faced Casey over his feelings for Dawson. After Matt failed to guarantee Brett he had been his future when introduced by the question of if he had run back into Dawson’s arms if she returns to Chicago, Brett took this since the supreme indication he was not actually over his former fire.

The rift delivered Casey and Brett down different paths, however, the will-they-won’t-they play appears to have finally come to a head in season 9, episode 15, “A White-Knuckle Panic.”

** Warning: Chicago Fire season 9 spoilers forward **

Who does Matt Casey wind up on Chicago Fire?

During incident 15 of Chicago Fire season 9, Casey receives a telephone call from Dawson following Mouch’s award ceremony. While we never really hear the dialogue unfold, it appears the dialogue helped Casey get some clarity on his feelings.

Seemingly in speaking with Dawson, Casey realizes that if they indeed shared something very unique, Dawson is his previous while Brett is his today. The revelation appears to make it apparent Casey has set his feelings for Dawson completely behind him and is prepared to adopt his next chance at happiness with Brett.

When does Casey inform Brett he loves her?

Does Casey’s conversation help provide him with clarity regarding his feelings for Brett, but it sounds speaking with Dawson Casey to finally understand exactly what his soul was trying to tell his mind all along: he is in love with Brett.

After finally coming into this particular revelation, Casey admits his love to Brett in Molly’s during season 19, incident 15 setting the stage for the characters to finally adopt their budding feelings and investigate what a future collectively could look like.

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