Casey Bloys is the HBO boss mare in EasttownIf the creators are keen to continue the series, season 2 won’t happen. Another success in HBO’s line-up of gripping and universally-acclaimed miniseries.The Undoing.Big Little Lies?, and Sharp Objects; Mare of EasttownIs created by way backyard Ingelsby, writer. Ingelsby wrote the show. Kate Winslet has been Emmy, Grammy, Academy, and Academy-winning actress since 2011, she has played a significant TV role. Mildred Pierce. Winslet plays the role of the title detective in the series. She is assigned to investigate the murder case against a Philadelphia mother. However, her problems go beyond that. Her other case involving the disappearance and reintegration of a young girl remains pending. Mare is also being fought for custody by her daughter-in-law.

Mare Of Easttown was a huge success for HBO. Winslet gave a career-best performance on the show. The show also set a new record for viewership, drawing high ratings for both HBO’s pay-cabler, and its streaming service. Mare of Easttown is the only telecast that saw viewership grow every week, apart from The Undoing. It was also hugely popular on the streaming market. The show attracted so many HBO Max subscribers that HBO Max’s servers crashed right before the series finale. When the final episode finally arrived on HBO Max, it was awarded the milestone of becoming the most-watched Original Series episode within the first 24 hours of its debut. This has led to many wondering if HBO may be considering expanding the limited series into an original series. However, the chief of the network said that the decision didn’t depend on Mare of Easttown’s performance.

Casey Bloys, a chief content officer at HBO and HBO Max, told Deadline that he doesn’t know if Mare of Easttown would return for a second season. He said that the decision wasn’t up to him, rather, the show would only continue if Brad Ingelsby comes up with a great idea and expresses his interest in telling another story. Bloys said that unlike the scripted seasonal content on networks like ABC, limited shows like Mare of Easttown do not get renewed because they had performed quite well. Instead, it’s the show’s creative team that pitches the idea of carrying on the show, if they feel that there is room for another great story. Read what Bloys said below:

“People think those decisions are like ABC’s in the 70s. ‘We have to get more Mares.’ That’s a decision made with Brad [Ingelsby] or Kate [Winslet]. I would trust them to say that they think there is more and here is the truth. It’s not always a given that something will work well. It begins with the creative team. It’s never my job to drive it.”

Winslet already expressed interest in returning to her lead role on Mare of Easttown. Angourie Rice and others stars aren’t so sure about the show being renewed. They believe Mare in Easttown was a self-contained series that showcased everything it had to say in a single season. Rice’s view is shared by Ingelsby, and Craig Zobel, the director. While they always wanted Maid of Easttown to be a one-off production, the success of the show has led to them not ruling out the possibility of revisiting it if the idea is good.

Since then more of EasttownAlthough the series has been canceled, there were heated arguments among fans over whether it should be renewed. Some fans feel that another run is needed to end Mare’s grief. Some believe that prolonging the story will lower the show’s quality and cause it to be seen in the same negative light as the second season.Big Little LiesAndTrue DetectiveEach. While it would be sad for Winslet to leave Mare once again, she should be back then to make a story that’s unsatisfying or half-hearted. Ingelsby’s creative vision has made a difference.EasttownSo far. Ingelsby is a good friend of the show and his opinions can be trusted regarding the future. Fans shouldn’t be optimistic about season 2 until Ingelsby believes that there are good ideas for another iteration.