We have already decorated our house with the typical little tree and seen the Christmas lights of our city, so now there is only one thing left to complete this year’s Christmas combo. Exactly, have a good binge on our favorite Christmas movies.

The movie and the blanket plan is one of the most desirable right now and this would not be the same without some classics like ‘Love Actually’ or, of course ‘The Holiday’, titles that we see year after year without getting tired in the least. Well, if you are also a fan of this latest movie starring Cameron Diaz and the handsome Jude Law, what the actress has told about one of the scenes will leave you amazed.

This scene is sure to be one of your very favorites from the movie. We talked about the one where Amanda is in the car on the way to the airport to return to Los Angeles when she suddenly yells “stop the car”! and runs for a long time to meet up with Graham again (it wasn’t predictable at all, ahem). Well, recording it took him a lot longer than you think and he ended up with bad foot pain because he was wearing heels on top.

“I ran like seven miles a day in heels,” Cameron Diaz told Vulture. “That whole scene took a week to shoot. That wasn’t even in the script,” he adds.

Cameron Diaz is a well-known actress and producer who has starred in some major Hollywood productions. Cameron Diaz’s net worth is estimated to be around $140 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. In 2006, she was named the richest female celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine. Cameron Diaz Reveals That This Scene From ‘The Holiday’ Took A Week To Shoot Cameron Diaz has starred in some huge movies over the years. She’s been in comedies, dramas, and action flicks. Cameron Diaz net worth allows her to live a pretty lavish lifestyle.