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Call The Midwife Season 10 Is Airing On BBC One And The Series Has Included Some Talented Guest Stars.

Call The Midwife Season 10 Is Airing On BBC One And The Series Has Included Some Talented Guest Stars.

Call The Midwife season 10 is on BBC One and event five is due to air tonight (May 16). The historical drama show stars different guests each week and lovers are eager to know the cast of episode five. All you need to learn more about the new guest celebrities.

Who Is In Call The Midwife Episode 5?

Doris is the mother of Jeanette, that has dropped pregnant as a teenager, much to her mother’s surprise.

She doesn’t take the news gently and takes it upon herself to create some huge decisions on her daughter’s behalf.

Doris is played by Julia Haworth, an actress famous for her role as Claire Peacock at Coronation Street.

The mother-of-two has also starred in Peak Practice, Merseybeat, and The Bay.

Jeanette Owen – Molly Jenkins

Jeanette had her heart set on going to university before she found out she was pregnant, and she is concerned for her future.

She is forced to follow her mother’s advice when it comes to her infant, but can she defy her mother’s expectations?

Jeanette is played by Molly Jenkins, a young actress who has previously starred in nurses and Hollyoaks.

On Twitter she said: “Happy to be part of this wonderful show, thank you for getting me #callthemidwife.”

Vera Sands¬†–¬†Paula Lane

Vera is currently a mother to a small girl, but the youngster is showing signs of a serious illness.

When Vera is visited by Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter), she’s concerned about the child’s health and the future for Vera’s baby.

Vera is performed by Paula Lane, who said she learned Cockney from the late Dame Barbara Windsor for its role.

She has previously played Kylie Platt in ITV soap Coronation Street

Other guest stars in episode five comprise Charlotte Alcock as Elaine Sands, Meg Salter as Mrs. Ball, and Daniel Easton as George Sands.

Easton is the husband of Vera in the event and he struggles to come to terms with his daughter’s condition – phenylketonuria.

The rare illness can lead to brain damage and seizures if it isn’t treated correctly or picked up early.

The synopsis for the next episode reads: “Sister Julienne is anxious when a toddler exhibits troubling symptoms, while an overly protective mother struggles to deal with her daughter’s adolescent pregnancy and can be insistent on keeping it low key, much to the frustration of fresh Pupil Midwife Nancy.”

Fans have taken a liking to the feisty and outspoken Nancy Corrigan (Megan Cusack) since she joined in year 10

She’s a new pupil midwife who’s living at Nonnatus House, but she sometimes struggles to hear other people.

In the upcoming episode, she struggles to learn the gap between fire and empathy.

The official Twitter account for the series was sharing some highlights and they published a poignant quote.

They said: “Love isn’t a bet, but a present. It isn’t to be fought but only given and received.

“And to not be judged nor measured, but embraced. And experienced since the greatest prize of all.”

Plenty of emotional storylines have already been featured this year, and fans can expect plenty more play.

The Principal cast returning to the fifth installment comprises Linda Bassett as Nurse Phyllis Crane, Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan, and Helen George as Trixie Franklin.

Laura Main will reunite as Shelagh Turner, with Leonie Elliott as Lucille Anderson and Stephen McGann as Patrick Turner.

Fans have continued to carry to Twitter to share their own thoughts on the show, with one stating: “Why can I never watch #Callthemidwife without getting tearful


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