Kaitlynn Jenner and Brody Jenner are among the very few Hollywood ex-boyfriends who became friends. But Kaitlynn’s pregnancy has created an obstacle for Brody!

Kendall and Kylie’s brother revealed in this week’s episode of The Hills: New Beginnings that he wasn’t happy to learn that his ex-wife was pregnant with boyfriend Kristopher Brock. And the reason is not jealousy, but the fact that you have received the news from someone else.

” Of course it’s painful to see all these other people who seem to know she’s pregnant except me,” he admitted in the confessional. ” A baby was such an important part of our relationship and talked about in our relationship. I don’t need to be the first to know, but I think it should be in the top ten .”

Kaitlynn herself said she was apprehensive about divulging this information to Brody because they planned to have a child together.

” It’s a great thing to share with someone,” she explained to the other cast members, adding that she knew this would solidify the breakup. ” It looks like a last nail in the coffin .”

Months have passed since the reality show was filmed and it looks like everything is fine now. The Brody’s mother, Linda Thompson, often expressed his enthusiasm for Kaitlynn on Instagram, proving that there are no hard feelings between the influencer and Jenners.

Two weeks ago Linda commented, ” I’m so glad you’re taking pictures of how adorable you look pregnant! You’ll be happy to see it years later! You’re beaming! ”

Kaitlynn, meanwhile, confirmed she is feeling overjoyed during an interview with the Hillcrest podcast, where she shared that her pregnancy is “something I’ve wanted for a long time.”

” I’m excited, ” said the mother-to-be. ” I’ve been very lucky – I haven’t had any illnesses or anything like that .”

The blonde also said that viewers will witness the moment when she talks to her ex-husband about the pregnancy.

” He and I are very close. There’s nothing he’s saying on the show that I haven’t heard him say in real life. We have a very transparent relationship .”