Netflix has not yet renewed The Bridgertons for a second season, but the truth is that the adaptation of Julia Quinn’s literary saga has more than enough ballots to return in the not too distant future with a new installment. Fiction, one of the most anticipated Netflix series of 2020 as it is Shonda Rhimes’s first series for the platform, is supported by the great reception from subscribers, but there is also more than enough material to adapt. Also, the entire team, starting with the ‘showrunner’ Chris Van Dusen, would be delighted to continue telling stories about this family and other members of the high society of the London Regency. All of them under the magnifying glass of the not so mysterious Lady Whistledown.

However, if season 2 of The Bridgertons are finally confirmed, fans of the series can expect big changes that readers of Quinn’s books, however, are already counting on. And is that the collection of romance novels is made up of eight novels, each of them focused on a character. Thus, while the love story between Daphne ( Phoebe Dynevor ) and Simon ( Regè-Jean Page ) is the central nucleus of the first installment, like the first novel ‘The Duke and I’, the second will probably leave them in a second plane to fully dedicate himself to another of the characters.

“It’s still too early to say what happens next, but we all know that there are eight ‘The Bridgertons’ books and there are eight Bridgerton brothers and sisters. I wish I could explore romances and stories for all of them.

Van Dusen’s statements in an interview with SensaCine left no room for doubt. Going forward, the idea is to delve into each of the Bridgerton brothers and also, of course, the rest of the members of high society that surround them and how important they are to their stories.

Who will be next? According to the order of the literary work, it would be Anthony Bridgerton, played by actor Jonathan Bailey, who was cautious when speaking about the hypothetical adaptation of ‘The Viscount who loved me’ in his interview with this medium before the premiere of Season 1: “Without a doubt, with the breadth of the series, we are all hopeful that we will have the opportunity to explore all those characters further. I read a little ahead and it was great to discover the man in as Anthony becomes, having the chance to play with his entire career in the hope that one day he will find happiness in himself. ”

“I think obviously if we’re faithful to the books, it’s Anthony’s turn now. But there is no happy ending, right? I believe that love is always changeable. So who knows? I’d like to see what happens next. And I’d also like to see Daphne get involved in Anthony’s love life, just like he’s done his.

If everything goes according to plan, we can expect to see Anthony looking for a wife, although the plot of Eloise ( Claudia Jessie ) also promises to be important now that she is also presented in society, as well as that of Penelope Featherington ( Nicola Coughlan ), now known as Lady Whistledown by viewers, but whose identity remains a mystery to both her friend and the other characters.

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