Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a frustrated chemistry teacher, father of a disabled young man, and married to a pregnant Skyler (Anna Gunn). A genius of chemistry, who works in a car wash in the afternoons, just in search of the economic well-being of his family.

Even after his final Breaking Bad ending, many fans speculated on a possible sixth season. After the end of season 5 of Breaking Bad, questions were born about the fate of Jesse Pinkman. However, they were all answered by the Breaking Bad movie, El Camino.

Still, some fans felt that the success of El Camino would lead to a Breaking Bad season 6. The latest rumors, leading to Breaking Bad Season 6 could be a possibility. What are those reasons?

There are no story without an ending. Jesse Pinkman could be the main character and work to take back the drug market in Albuquerque. Which brings us to the end of El Camino, where Jesse Pinkman delivers a letter without revealing the contents and you can briefly see who it is addressed to: Brock Cantillo. We never found out what he said.

It is obvious that Breaking Bad could not have Bryan Cranston, after the death of Walter in the last season(if indeed Walter White is dead). But there is still the possibility of resorting to flashbacks. In addition to the first point (about hidden money), what does the future hold for Walter White Jr (RJ Mitte) and his mother, Skyler White? They could be very important characters from the future. 

There are no doubt that everything that surrounds Breaking Bad is a success. The series has received a large number of awards and nominations throughout its five seasons. The Better Call Saul prequel, following the life of the famous Saúl Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), Walter’s lawyer for several seasons, is one of the most-watched series on Netflix.

The first season of Breaking Bad aired in 2008 and its 5 seasons there were more than 60 episodes, it has a”prequel” (Better Call Saul) and a “sequel” (El Camino), in addition to a complete adaptation to a Latin country. And recently also broke the news of a possible prequel to Gus Fring. 

How great could it be in these times that a Breaking Bad series is broadcast again with all its original actors and catches us again how from the beginning? Who else, if not Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, or even Gus Fring, to fill the void left after the end of the fifth season?