Born a champion

Born a champion is one of the fantastic upcoming films. Alex Ranarivelo is the only director to direct this new film.  Ali Afsar, Paul J. Alessi, Kevin Asbell, Daniel Aspromonte, and Ava Retke are the producers of this upcoming movie. Josh Webber and George Kosturos are the two persons in the co-producing team.

John Schouweiler is the only line producer in this movie. As well as, Forrest Lucas and Sean Patrick Flanery are the executive producers of this movie.

Moreover, Action drama and sports drama are the genres of this movie. Austin Wintory is the music director of this movie. Reuben Steinberg is the cinematographer in this movie. Brett Hedlund is the person to edit this movie.

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So let us discuss the release date and all the latest updates about this movie.

Born a champion: Release date

Moreover, this series will be released on 22, January 2021. Exactly this movie will be released on the fixed date. Yet, we have to wait for this new movie.

Born a champion: plotlines

The story of this movie follows an excellent sportsman.  Obviously, Mickey Kelley is the character to play his role as a sportsman. Moreover, he was a fantastic American black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Additionally, he loves his sports very much. Moreover, this story keeps more twists and turns among the audience. So let us watch this movie with a better storyline.

Born a champion: cast and characters

There were many actors in this movie and they are:

  • Dennis Quaid as Mason
  • Ali Afshar as the sheik
  • Katrina Bowden as Layla
  • Sean Patrick Flanery as Mickey
  • Currie Graham as Burchman
  • Maurice Compte as Rosco
  • Harrison Xu as Josh
  • Costas Mandylor as Dimitris
  • Reno Wilson as Terry Pittman
  • Christine Kilmer as Brunette
  • Jonathan Kowalsky as Travis
  • Paul J. Alessi as Irate Driver
  • Marshelle Fair as New Anchor
  • Chris Boudreaux as Jimmy
  • Johnny Jay Lee as Boyfriend
  • William W. Barbour as a reporter
  • William Marx as Fight Spectator
  • Thomas Dalby as Fight Audience Member
  • Arturo Rangel as Spanish High Roller
  • Renzo Gracie as professor Renzo Gracie, etc.