Borderlands 3: Here's everything you should know
Borderlands 3: Here's everything you should know

Developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game. It has been published by 2K Games and was released on 13th September 2019 for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. For Apple macOS, it was released on 30th October 2019.

A version for a Stadia port was released on 17th December 2019. Versions for Xbox Series X and Series S and PlayStation 5 were released on 10th November 2019 and 12th November 2019 respectively.

Borderlands 3 is the fourth entry in the main Borderlands series and is a sequel to 2012’s Borderlands 2.


Approximately seven years after the events of Borderlands 2 and six years after the events of Tales from the Borderlands, Borderlands takes place. It begins with four new Vault Hunters:

  • Amara the Siren, who summons ethereal fists
  • FL4K the Beastmaster, who summons creatures to aid fights
  • Moze the Gunner, who rides the mecha Iron Bear
  • Zane the Operative, has a variety of gadgets

The four characters join Lilith’s Crimson Raiders as new recruits. They are allotted the duty of investigating the Children of the Vault cult and their mysterious leaders, Tyreen and Troy. The long-lost Vault Map is believed to be in possession of the Calypso twins. The Crimson Raiders after reclaiming the Vault Map, board the Sanctuary III spacecraft to travel beyond Pandora. They try to reclaim the Vaults from other planets before the Calypsos get hold of them.

New Features in Borderlands 3

  • Characters having multiple active abilities
  • Radiation will be replacing Slag
  • Post Launch, no additional Vault Hunters to be introduced
  • Better mantling and movement for the players
  • Space and other planetary travel in new spaceship Sanctuary 3
  • David Eddings, the voice behind Claptrap won’t be contributing in Borderlands 3
  • Making it more an endgame pursuit, Guardian Ranks replaces Badass ranks
  • Providing loot instancing and scaling, along with Classic Mode
  • Allowing personalization of quarters in Player housing
  • Burning oil, kicking barrels, etc would make the environment interactive
  • Secondary fire toggles introduced
  • The ground pond from Borderlands: The Prequel is a default ability in Borderlands 3
  • New enemy names like ‘Tinks’ replacing old enemy name ‘Midgets’

The game is already a massive hit among the game players.