Netflix has officially ready to renew the second season of ‘Bonding’ creating new bonds with the fans. The short story dark comedy series is written, directed and executive produced by Doyle Bonding. Likewise, he will continue his same position in the second season as well. Along with him Dara Gordon, Nina Soriano, Jacob Perlin and Blackpills Patrick Holzman are also serving themselves in the place of executive director.

Creator inspiring from his personal life, once being a real-life bodyguard to his dominatrix friend, pushed him to make a dark comedy. The dark comedy received mixed stimuli from the fans since the show premiered. Though BDSM members criticized the show for containing a lack of authenticity.


The aperture season of Netflix Bonding, featured the connection between Doug and Tiff after the first date. After playing arcade games, Tiff later on introduced her profession about potential interests. Meanwhile Brendon experiencing his past get into the stand-up comedy routine for betterment. Moving forward with Tiff and Brendan with their development in personal lives, thriller elements get into the picture. Hence with numerous hopes and fears, the mystery will be solved in the upcoming season of Bonding.


With the renewal of the upcoming series of Bonding, the following cast are to be featured :

Tiff (Zoe Levin), Pete (Brendan Scannell), Dough (Micah Stock), Kate (Stephanie Styles), Daphne (D’Arcy Carden), Josh (Theo Stockman).

Also without any confirmations, the following characters are hoping to be featured as well :

Frank (Alex Hurt), Portia (Gabrielle Ryan), Andy (Eric Berryman), Fred (Charles Gould), Rolph (Mathew Wilkas), Cat (Jade Elysan), Murphy (Alysha Umphress), Chelsa (Amy Betina) and Trevor (Stephen Reich).

Release Date

The film is mostly going to be premiered in later 2021, for the corona outbreak situations.