Affiliate marketing originated in the mid-90s. The common goal of all the networks and programs that offer affiliate marketing is to give Affiliates the best possible opportunities to make more.

Bona Fides Affiliates Summary

Official website
Established Year 2022
Base commission 45%
Type of Commission RevShare, CPA/Hybrid, sub-affiliate commission
Payment Frequency Twice a month (1st-15th & 16th – last day of the calendar month)
Payment Methods Visa/Mastercard. Webmoney. Skrill. Bank transfers. Bitcoin, Ethereum. PayPal.
Minimum Payment 50
Limit of Withdrawal No limit
Currencies USD, BTC USDT EUR
Revenue share 25 – 45%
Cookie Duration 30 days
Negative carryover No
Admin Fee No
Hybrid Yes

Important Information about BonaFides Affiliates

Bona Fides Casino Affiliates resulted from a partnership with Trueplay and an affiliate marketing team. This makes it the only blockchain-backed Casino Affiliates program. Fairspin Casino has Bona Fides Affiliates as its exclusive advertising partner. A Casino that is a pioneer in the industry of its TFS tokens and tokenized loyalty programs.

Bona Fides is unique in that it guarantees total transparency in dealings. Thanks to Trueplay’s Explorer software (which is blockchain-based) that eliminates manipulations of game commissions or point-shaving, Bona Fides can be trusted as the only affiliate program. Affiliates have direct access to player IDs and can cross-check and verify any game winnings and wagers.

Affiliates have transparent statistics and can “Hold to Earn” The casino gives tokens to players for playing their games. There is also the possibility of keeping them. Affiliates can enjoy a higher retention rate, which in turn increases their profit.

You can also use the Crypto token widget to passively grow your existing earnings inside the Affiliate Program Platform.

Commission Details

The affiliate commission models include RevShare or CPA/Hybrid. Below is a detailed breakdown of the commission models.

  • Dynamic revshare: 45% in your first month

P.S. The number of deposits in a given time period determines the Automates.

  • Fixed rev share rates
  • Hybrid interaction models: (CPA + R);
  • Classic CPA (up to 500 per player depending on GEO, source)


The Bona Fides’ Affiliates can invite up to five new affiliates through the sub-affiliate program. They can also earn up to 5% commission for each referral. Extra promotional materials will be made available to Affiliates upon request by their personal managers.

Payment Details

Affiliates receive two payments each month.

  • The first period: 1st to 15th of every month.
  • The second period runs from the 16th to the last day of each month.

After processing, they will receive payments in FIAT/crypto, usually within one to five business days.

It is important that Affiliates are able to deposit and withdraw tokens at any time. TFS token compensations are paid twice a month, depending upon the percentage they have selected.

Restricted Country

The Bona Fides Affiliates Program currently has restrictions on the following countries.

Australia, Bulgaria. Moldova.

Bona Fides Affiliates works with more than 140 countries but focuses now on Portugal, Hungary, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Slovakia.

Languages available

English (EN) & Russian (RU).

Tools and Affiliate Marketing

The tools available to support Affiliates are landings. Pre-landings. Banners. Video creatives. Texts. Translations. Promotional codes. Advertising budgets. Manager consultations. Postbacks. Tournaments. On request, additional tools may be made available.

Pros & Cons of Bona Fides Affiliates


  • First and only Blockchain-backed Affiliate Program
  • Trueplay’s blockchain technology gives you 100% transparency
  • Live stats update from the back office for instant campaign adjustment
  • Stable payments with no delay, twice a monthly
  • This widget allows you to passively grow your earnings from within the affiliate program platform.
  • Payments made in FIAT and other cryptocurrencies
  • Support from experienced affiliate managers who can provide reliable assistance
  • Rev-share: For beginners, 45% within the first month. + CPA and hybrid models
  • No negative carryovers. The terms of the working conditions are NOT being modified retroactively.
  • Restrictions in certain countries


Bona Fides Affiliate is at the forefront of the industry. The program provides an open environment where Affiliates can increase their income comfortably.

Trueplay’s blockchain technology called “the Explorer” gives Affiliates the assurance that player data is being transferred without manipulation to the Bona Fides Platform.