The representative of Spain for the 2021 Rotterdam Eurovision Song Contest, Blas Canto, will perform the song ‘I’m going to stay on the stage of the city of the Netherlands after it has been chosen by the audience of the RTVE program ‘Destino Eurovision’ with their votes through the website, the application of Eurovision TVE, telephone calls, and SMS.

During the night of this Saturday, Blas Canto presented his two proposals and ‘I’m going to stay, and finally, the public has decided that the latter will be the one that the Murcian artist will interpret at the festival to be held on the 22nd of May in Rotterdam.’ I’m going to stay is pure poetry. We have tried to build a very minimalist scenery because the song itself is powerful and, combined with Blas’s voice, it grows and gets bigger and bigger. Without even a headlight, only some focuses on the artist. The reason is very simple the most important thing is him, his voice and this moment, explained in statements on RTVE, collected by Europa Press, the creative director, Marvin Dietmann, on the topic ‘Voy to stay.

The restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic caused the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020, although for the year 2021 the same city, Rotterdam, which was planned the previous year, has remained. I will remain’ and Memoria is the title of the tunes that Blas Cantó debuted this Wednesday. Casting a ballot is presently open for Spaniards to settle on their top pick. The Murcian previously cautioned on informal communities that you can’t choose any.

With the subject ‘I will remain’ Blas Canto wagers on a ditty where he shows his extraordinary vocal limit in a music video absolutely clearly. For the present, it could be the top pick of Euro fans as it positioned number 1 in YouTube drifts and got the most recognition on Twitter. The devotees of the Song Festival filled this interpersonal organization with remarks about the two propositions, turning the hashtag #BlasEstreno into a moving point for the duration of the evening.

The other choice for Eurovision is ‘Memory’. This tune has more beat and has an appealing melody that vows to be played on all radio broadcasts. The public will be the person who picks which will be the topic for Eurovision in the Destination Eurovision function arranged by TVE. Blas Cantó will introduce the two tunes live and once the exhibitions are over we will have the tune that he will battle to win in the Eurovision last. From the RTVE site, you would now be able to begin deciding in favor of your main tune. The delegate of Spain got through informal organizations with the help of his associates who previously went to the celebration. Pastora Soler announced on her Twitter record to be in a circle with the two melodies” and Manel Navarro appears to select ‘I will remain.’ Eurovision will praise its end on May 22 after dropping its last version because of Covid-19.

Eurovision will be the principal hero of La 1 de TVE in the early evening this Saturday, February 20. Julia Varela and Tony Aguilar will be the moderators of ‘Destino Eurovision'(10:05 pm), a unique occasion where the public will choose the melody with  Cepeda, and Roi will be a portion of the craftsmen who will perform with the Murcian artist. On the other hand, ‘The Italian Job’ is Antena 3’s wagered for Saturday night (10:10 pm). A posse of cheats drove by a veteran (Donald Sutherland) embarks to complete a burglary in Venice arranged by the smart Charlie Croker (Mark Wahlberg), yet the pack is sold out by one of its individuals.

To get the plunder back, they choose to strike once more, however, that includes breaking into Los Angeles’ traffic light situation, controlling it, and making the greatest gridlock ever. Cuatro likewise selects around evening time (10 p.m.) for the film with the new pass from ‘Imitations’. Will Foster (Keanu Reeves), a neuroscientist gets fixated on the possibility of ​​bringing back his family, who has passed on in a terrible fender bender. Also, for this, he will work in a lab constrained by the public authority and a team of the police.

As far as concerns, Telecinco keeps up its standard conveyance of Luxurious Saturday. At this event, Maria Jimenez indeed faces the inquiries of the colleagues of the program introduced by Jorge Javier Vazquez. Moreover, on la Sexta, Inaki Lopez interviews Inigo Errejon this evening (9:00 p.m.), a representative for Mas Pais, in seven days stacked with pressure between the Government accomplices. Stool, Hugo Silva, Boticaria Garcia, and Luis Quevedo will likewise be met on the Atresmedia Television program on the green organization. TV announced that Blas Canto would represent Spain at Eurovision 2020 with the song Universo, which was published in January last year. Despite the cancellation, RTVE confirmed that the Murcian artist would continue to be the Spanish representative at this festival, in which he will finally perform the song ‘I’m going to stay.