Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige described the upcoming film “Black Widow” as Scarlett Johansson’s newest appearance. However, the hit producer said that he would love to collaborate with the actress once again.

Oscar nominee, the Oscar nominee, finally got her first solo film. But everyone knows her character died in the future Marvel films.

“Marvel’s philosophy is to make new beginnings. Scarlett Johansson is an exceptional partner. She was a producer on Black Widow. She was also the one who introduced us to Cate Shortland.

Kevin Feige stated that Scarlett Johansson was a pleasure to work with again. The artist was first seen as Natasha Romanoff, the film’s sequel. Later, she played the Russian spy role in several Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Her character finally dies during the events in “Avengers: Endgame”, where she sacrifices herself for the Soul Stone.

Phase 4 opens and “Black Widow” is set after the events in “Captain America Civil War,” the 2016 movie. She confronts Natasha while dealing with her complex past.

The Real Chosen One

While everyone is familiar with the role of “Black Widow” because of Scarlett Johansson’s interpretation, in real life, the actress was about to be dropped from the franchise. Emily Blunt, the first person to be chosen for the role in Iron Man 2, was Emily Blunt. Blunt chose Emily Blunt to play the “Iron Man 2” role. Blunt, who was the producer’s favorite, decided to decline the casting and could not be seen in a Marvel film.