In Black Mirror, Alex Lawther, best known for his role on Netflix’s The End Of The F *** ing World, plays Kenny, a seemingly discreet young man who is a victim of internet hacking.

While initially in Black Mirror it is assumed that Kenny has done nothing wrong, as he was only caught masturbating to internet porn, the ending reveals that he was viewing child pornography.

It is the most disturbing episode of Black Mirror because it recognizes that a predatory child can be anyone and an individual can interact with them without the knowledge of their sordid desires.

The original script for Black Mirror’s “Shut Up And Dance” did not include the child pornography plot or the sexual predator aspect of Kenny’s characterization. Instead, he was set up to only follow his journey as a victim of hacking.

With the very real possibility that anyone could become the target of random hackers, this would have made the episode even better than it is now in Black Mirror, with a completely different level of disturbing content.

While Black Mirror’s “Shut Up And Dance” is recognized as the most disturbing episode due to its history of child pornography and sexual predators, the original script could have evoked a different kind of fear in viewers.