Any trade, and that of Bitcoin is not the exception, involves risks, in that sense, is the Bitcoin Trader program a scam or not? Let’s start by knowing the program, it is a trading software that allows you to operate manually or automatically, that is, it is a robot that enables operation in foreign currency pairs or in a selection of cryptocurrencies. The program analyzes the prices of the different assets, detecting trends and obtaining precise signals, trying to present the most profitable alternatives for the operator, thus, through course progressions and statistics, the algorithm prioritizes the investments that are more likely to be successful, in such a way Thus, the program assumes the role of the investor and executes orders to buy / sell assets in a selection of predetermined brokers on compatible platforms found on the Bitcoin Trader page itself. In manual mode, the operator selects the assets that interest him, having two options: buying or selling, thus, with a price chart, decisions are made that allow gains or motivate losses, in turn, in In automatic mode, the robot operates by itself, performing the analyzes and executing the operations


Open the account in Bitcoin. In principle, with the initial page, you get a general overview of the program and the business, then the registration is made in the corresponding form providing name, surname, email, password and telephone number, no type of download is necessary to the computer and the software It’s free. The deposit is made. Once the registration is made, you can access the account and the platform, then the deposit is made, at least € 250, it is recommended in principle to adjust to that amount to become familiar with the program and the service, this can be done with a card credit card and the transaction is encrypted using SSL and considered very secure.

The first thing to remember is that all the activity of the program is online, so, after the deposit has been made, the exchange starts with a simple click, being that it is possible to carry out a test of the Bitcoin Trader before making the deposit, it is possible to become familiar with the process, so that effort on the part of the user is minimal. It is possible to trade with several cryptocurrencies and currency pairs and, as already explained, there are two forms of operation, manual and automatic, for the latter, with the Auto – Trade function, it is only required to set parameters such as the volume of negotiation and loss limits to activate the automated investment, although the configuration that the program brings by default is enough to start successfully.


The demo account presents the program in test mode, explains the functionalities of the program, and with the supplied data offers reference values, examples of how it works, which is extremely useful, both to become familiar with it, and to refine your own investment criteria .


The answer is yes, you get a success rate of 88% confirmed up to 99%, even though the investment risks are still high, so it is recommended to start with € 250, however, the robot does not operate to operate, since It only executes beneficial orders for the user, of course, a sudden change in trend can occur causing the failure of the trade, but it is generally considered to be a very reliable robot.

The debate in this regard is highly publicized on the Internet, and the responses seem to point towards the seriousness of the program and the positive results it allows; Even when unfavorable answers are found, these could be due to operators with unfortunate or unsuccessful experiences, but they do not seem to be a trend, in fact, the review of internet forums does not easily reflect neutral answers and the negative ones emphasize the convenience of using authorized and regulated platforms and the apparent lack of transparency of the program.