This article would have been printed on real paper a few decades ago if not for the tireless efforts of lumberjacks around the globe. However, the majority of people don’t know anything about the logging industry beyond this simple fact. The foundation of our civilization is timber. However, the only thing that the average person sees about logging is the final product. Reality shows such as “Big Timber” can tell us the whole story behind the planks or paper we pick up at our local hardware store.

Originally produced and aired on the History channel in 2020, “Big Timber” focuses on the logging business run by Canadian lumberjack-extraordinaire Kevin Wenstob and his family. The show’s original season was re-released on Netflix in a new season. It quickly rose to the top of the streaming site’s most-watched pages. Fans are now wondering if they will see more of the booming timber business in “Big Timber” Season 2.

When will Big TImber Season 2 be released?

No official announcement has been made about “Big Timber” Season 2. The show is about half a year old, but it appears that neither Netflix nor History Channel have been inclined to support a continuation. This does not mean the series will be canceled.

The premiere season of “Big Timber” was aired in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. This means that it was probably shot before Canada placed the country under quarantine. According to The Cinemaholic, the series was shot between September 2019 and January 2020. They don’t provide any official source for this information. This information is crucial because it gives a picture of the production cycle for “Big Timber”. If filming takes place in the fall months, it is understandable that no of the show’s affiliated networks would announce a second series before filming has begun.

Season 1 aired from October to December 2020 (via IMDb), resulting in a gap of over a year between filming and the debut. Fans can expect “Big Timber” Season 2 in fall 2021 if a second season is in production.

Who are the Big Timber Season 2 Cast Members?

If “Big Timber” receives a second season then it is likely that fans will see familiar faces when the show finally premieres. Kevin Winston is the man responsible for logging operations. This is the most obvious. Erik Wenstob, Kevin’s son, and the go-to mechanic for logging operations will most likely return to the crew as one of the main participants. Sarah Fleming is Kevin’s wife and his dedicated business partner.

Kevin is supported by Coleman Willner and the Wenstob clan. These four men have made a name for themselves in Canada as one of the last independent logging companies. Fans will no doubt see “Big Timber” return for another round.

Which locations will Big Timber Season 2 feature?

All of Season 1 of “Big Timber” was shot in the same location on Vancouver Island, Canada. It is not clear if the Wenstobs would be open to moving locations in the event of “Big Timber” Season 2. While it may seem easy to find locations for reality shows, the logging industry has some restrictions that do not apply to others. Filming in another place requires that you find and secure the rights to film on a different piece of land.

But that doesn’t mean “Big Timber” Season 2 can’t be held in another place. Similar reality shows, such as “Gold Rush,” which also involves staking claims on new land plots, can move between seasons. The Wenstobs may not have spoken about securing a forest section away from their usual stomping ground. Fans will need to wait until Season 2 is released to find out more about the series’ location.