Big Timber Season 2

Big Timber, the Netflix original reality show, has been a smash hit since its inception. Many of those who watched it have expressed curiosity about whether they will soon be receiving season 2.

Many shows that are related to reality TV can be found on streaming sites. Some of the most popular include Selling Sunset and Prank Encounters. Big Timber is the most exciting of all.

The perilous job of logging on a sawmill is the subject of the fascinating reality program Big Timber. Kevin Wenstob (and his brave crew) are the stars of the series. They go to great lengths to protect their way and ensure the survival and well-being of their family business.

It is no surprise that many people want more episodes as well as more information about what’s happening in the next season. Here’s everything you need to know regarding the big Timber second season release date.

Release Date Speculations for Big Timber Season 2

There are conflicting reports as to when the second season of big timber will release, but we do know it will be soon! It might be released this year in late 2022, or earlier They have had to take some time off while filming the first and fourth seasons. Sources say that the second season for big timber will be released in November.

Big Timber Season 2

Cast and Crew for the Series


  • Sean Cable
  • Michael Sheehan
  • Shawn Viens
  • Chris Wyatt


  • Sarah Fleming
  • Kevin Wenstob
  • Coleman Willner
  • Erik Wenstob


  • Nick Baker
  • Robert Hardy
  • Cheryl Binning
  • Stephanie Rosloski

Will “Big Timber” Season 2 be worth watching?

Yes, we believe so. Season 1, which was popular with younger audiences, is expected to be as successful if perhaps even more. Big Timber is a full mystery, action, romance, and suspense that anyone can enjoy. Take a look at the trailer to see what you think.