After only five episodes of Big Sky, one of the baddies has been killed so there are some big questions from the end to the end of Big Sky’s winter. Here we bring you the unknowns that most need an answer during the winter premiere that will take place in January 2021.

For one thing, when Cassie ( Kylie Bunbury ) made a big decision to kill Legarski at the end of Big Sky’s winter finale, she had no choice but to do so because there’s no way Legarski would have allowed her to turn him over to the police without fighting. The detail is that he killed a policeman. Will Cassie face retaliation for killing Legarski?

Now, there is the benefit of the girls telling their story they will be able to back Cassie ( Kylie Bunbury ) by confirming that Legarski was one of the kidnappers, will it be enough to protect Cassie? Could she face retribution since it wasn’t exactly self-defense in the environment it was? Let’s remember that Legarski was not pointing the gun at him, then there is his wife, will she come after Cassie for everything that happened?

Similarly in Big Sky, Jenny was arrested for stalking Legarski. While it is clear that the sheriff was certain that she was on to something, there was no evidence but he had no choice but to arrest her. Will the charges against Jenny be dropped?

So with everything that’s happened so far in Big Sky, Jenny’s actions were justified, if it wasn’t for her and Cassie those girls would never have been caught in time. The people from Ontario would have arrived. So can Jenny’s charges be dropped now? It seems that Big Sky is a bit useless to have that story running.

Likewise, now that the girls have been found in Big Sky, they are safe and can tell their story, but they won’t help with one mystery in particular: Cody Hoyt. Recall that Jenny and Cassie know she talked to Legarski, they know she was supposed to go to church with Legarski and she never got there. It’s clear that something has happened to Cody, and it’s not that he broke his sobriety. Will Cody’s body ever be found?

Will they show up to find Legarski’s body? Will they show up right when Cassie calls on everything that happened? It seems strange to have Ontario people in the area and then not do anything with them. They are a bigger part of what is happening, this whole traffic story. There may be a hope of finding other girls.

The story is not over in Big Sky Legarski may be gone, but Ronald is still a part of it all, yet he’s only in this for Legarski. Nobody knows Ronald. The girls have seen his face but that’s it, Cassie even walked past him but didn’t think about him so how could anyone trace Ronald’s whereabouts?