It’s the missus! Beyoncé rocked the holiday gift she chose to give to the women on her team. The singer bet on a jewel for all of them, with a very hilarious format that reflects the whole situation we are experiencing: a necklace with a pendant that represents both the number “2020” and the middle finger.

The vice president of Parkwood Entertainment, Angie Beyonce, was the one who showed this on Instagram. Look:

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“ When I opened it, my eyes watered because it’s both hilarious and deeply sentimental. 2020 had ups and downs, but overall it was a very strange and difficult year. I hope 2021 is good for the world, ”wrote Angie.

Last Wednesday (23), the Queen B team also announced the donation of 500 thousand dollars to people who are likely to lose their homes due to financial restrictions caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

According to a statement issued by Bey GOOD, the singer’s company, the money would go towards helping those who are struggling to pay real estate mortgages:

“Beyoncé is continuing to support where it is most needed. The second phase of the Bey good Impact Fund will now help people affected by the housing crisis. The housing moratorium is set to end on December 26, resulting in foreclosures and foreclosures. Many families will be affected, due to the pandemic that resulted in job losses, illness and a general slowdown in the economy ”.

The amounts are due to be released in January and a new amount will be donated by Beyoncé in February. To register to receive assistance, people must provide documents to NAACP (National Association for the Progress of People of Color):

“All necessary documentation must be provided to NAACP. The online application process begins on January 7, 2021, where 100 beneficiaries will be selected and grants will be disbursed in late January. The second round will open in February ”.