With serious faces, Belen Esteban and Olga Moreno arrived at the courts of Plaza Castilla, in Madrid, to face the lawsuit filed by Rocio Carrasco for an alleged crime of revealing secrets. First, the television station arrived on the arm of her husband, Miguel Marcos, and his lawyer, and then Antonio David Flores’s wife appeared, who was accompanied by him. They decided to go separately and only see their faces inside the room. A clear strategy. Both face jail time for the alleged crime punishable by one to four years in prison. It is about the preliminary proceedings and now the judge will have to decide whether to see a crime or not.

Belen Esteban, leaving the court: “I am very calm” The judge has summoned me to testify but I am calm. I report as you all report, “said Belen Esteban before entering the courthouse. And he insisted: “I work in ‘Save me’ and I have informed, like all of you.”
The Belen Esteban statement lasted just over half an hour. Minutes before one o’clock in the afternoon, the television station left the courts after presenting its respective defense against the accusations of RocĂ­o Carrasco. “It went well, I told the truth,” he declared without giving further explanations and in a hurry to leave. Belen Esteban is accused of having allegedly revealed sensitive information from a letter that was addressed to Antonio David Flores who, at that time, was participating in the ‘GH’ program, and which allegedly contained financial information about Rocio Carrasco.