• WWE Superstar made a big statement about Undertaker final Farewell.
  • The Undertaker finals in the WWE Survivor Series recently.

In the WWE Survivor Series, this time Undertaker’s final was Farewell. The entire WWE Universe bears witness to this Farewell of Undertaker. WWE Superstars also kept their say. WWE Superstar Liv Morgan also spoke.

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan said a big thing about Undertaker

This time part of the WWE The Bump Show was Liv Morgan. Liv Morgan spoke about Undertaker final Farewell here. Liv Morgan said,

“I liked it It was a good thing for me to join Undertaker in such a big moment. I have always seen him at Wrestling. I have seen them when I was growing up. But I never thought that I would stay there one day in the business they are in. I got a chance to be a part of the final Farewell. This is very special for me. I still can’t believe it. Right now I need a pinch. I consider myself lucky that I got a chance to see this moment. It is an honor for me.”

This time in the WWE Survivor Series, there was a special moment for everyone. Several veterans were involved in the Undertaker’s final Farewell. This was a very emotional moment. The current superstars in WWE also said that this was a special moment for them. Thirty years ago Undertaker made his debut in Survivor Series. The Undertaker has given several moments to the WWE Universe in the meantime.

Every wrestler in WWE has a dream to share the ring with Undertaker once. Very few people have got this opportunity and those who got it are rich in luck. Well at the moment Liv Morgan has also said her point. He has said this honor for himself. Liv Morgan has been getting a push in WWE for some time. Liv Morgan is doing a great job in the women’s division. In the coming time, he will be given more push by WWE as there have been many signs of this.

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