The 2022 Super Bowl LVI is set to happen on Sunday 13 February, bringing this exciting NFL season to its close. This will be the 56th year of the American Football championship game, and fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the outcome.

Whoever is going to walk away with the much-coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy has their work cut out for them, not to mention the pressure. Stakes are high, and many are betting on their favorite teams, with Super Bowl odds available on almost every sportsbook online. If you are new to the sports betting scene and want to claim your stake but don’t really know where to start, then we have all the information you will need in this article to try your luck and maybe win some cash.

Where To Bet On The Super Bowl?

Whatever online site you choose, it is vital you choose the best sites that will offer you great value. You also need to make sure the casino is fully regulated and licensed by a legitimate licensing bureau. They also need to be reliable and above all, legal.

Do your research on different gambling sites and see what comes up. It also wouldn’t hurt to check out reviews of the casino you choose. You could get some really exciting promotions, bonuses, and odds that may make your money go further.

Well-known Betting Markets For The Super Bowl

Firstly, before you can place any bets, you have to know what bets are available for the Super Bowl. Here are the most popular ones that are placed every year for the NFL championship game.


This is the easiest of bets to understand. A moneyline bet is a bet you will place on which team will win the game after the finalists are revealed. You will know it is a moneyline wager because it will consist of three figures, with the favorites to win having a minus (-) sign before their price.

This amount shows you how much you will have to bet to win $100.

If you prefer to champion the underdogs, look for the plus (+) sign next to their odds. This value shows you how much you could win if you bet $100.

Spread or Point Spread

Bookmakers will work out a ‘total points’ score that they think will be the final outcome of the game between the two teams – called a point spread or spread. You can choose to bet on the favorites or the underdogs, and you will have to say whether you think they will win by this amount or more, or whether they will lose and by how much.


The over/under wagers are about whether the two teams will be over or under a specific number of points they have collected at different parts of the game. This can be done for quarter time, half time as well as the entire game.

You can bet on if the oddsmakers have estimated over or under the total amount.

Proposition Bets

Prop bets can be made to cover a slew of different things; you can wager on the quarterback, who is going to be the MVP(Most Valued Player) of the game, and even on who will sing the National Anthem or who will perform during the Halftime show.

A Few Last Tips and Tricks

As a beginner to the Super Bowl betting world, a lot can seem overwhelming, but it really isn’t if you take your time, do your research and make sure you understand where you are putting your money.

Different bookmakers may work out their figures differently when it comes to moneyline and spreads, so be sure to compare the best sites that are reputable.

Proposition bets can seem exciting at first – with so many options on what to wager on, it’s easy to get carried away. That’s why it’s advisable to rather bet on things you can research for yourself.

Another thing you should do is always check the statistics, for example, the information of all the NFL franchises that have covered a point spread in the past.

Above all, have fun, enjoy the game and support your team!