According to a new rumor spread by a well-known leaker, Battlefield 6 will be a reboot of the entire series and will be heavily inspired by Battlefield 3.

It was Tom Henderson who shared this information, the leaker proved to be a reliable source in the past, especially in the Call of Duty universe, and he comes with a week full of bombs. Just a few days ago he assured that GTA VI will have a woman as the protagonist for the first time.

YouTube video

Now, Henderson is reporting that the next installment of the famous war game could be called simply Battlefield, to highlight the fact that it will be a reboot of the entire series. In addition, the game would be highly influenced by BF3, although it does not detail where it obtained this information.

He also stated that Battlefield 6 will feature large-scale maps and that it will have support for up to 128 players, something that seems to coincide with the statement from EA CEO Andrew Wilson a few months ago, who said.  Our next Battlefield will arrive in 2021 at a scale never seen before.

Another important fact, also revealed by Henderson, is that the title would come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to him, versions for last generation consoles are being developed by another team and will only support up to 32 players. Logically, poorer graphic quality and a more limited map destruction are also expected.


The leaker assured that a Battle Royale mode for the next Battlefield is also in development. However, no matter how accurate your predictions have been in the past, you have to take all this for the rumor that it is.