• Adam Gilchrist spoke of the death of Navdeep Saini’s father while he was Mohammed Siraj.
  • Adam Gilchrist immediately apologized after learning of the mistake.

Adam Gilchrist made a big mistake during the first ODI match between Australia and India in Sydney. Adam Gilchrist made this mistake while commentating and he apologized when the fans told him about it on Twitter. Mohammad Siraj’s father died a few days ago but during the commentary Adam Gilchrist said that Navdeep Saini’s father had passed away.

After this mistake, the fans made a video of that part of Gilchrist’s commentary on Twitter. After realizing this, Adam Gilchrist immediately took to Twitter to apologize and apologize. Gilchrist also paid tribute to Siraj’s father during this period.

Adam Gilchrist apologized twice

When a fan first told about Gilchrist’s mistake on Twitter, Gilchrist said that I have made a mistake, I apologize for this. Mohammad Siraj’s father died. After this, while answering a tweet by Michele McLaneghan, Gilchrist also said that I apologize.

McLaneghan told when Mohammed Siraj’s father, not Navdeep Saini, had died. To this, Gilchrist said that I apologize to both Mohammad Siraj and Navdeep Saini. I spoke wrong. After this mistake of Gilchrist, many tweets were seen on Twitter everywhere.

Australia, batting first against India in Sydney, scored a big score of 374 runs for six wickets. Navdeep Saini had a backache but he looked fit at the time of bowling. After Gilchrist’s statement about Saini, he started trending on Twitter. The Fans quickly made Gilchrist realize the mistake.