Former Australia veteran cricketer Ian Chappell has demanded a “switch hit” shot be banned. According to Chappell, this shot is an injustice to bowlers and fielders and that is why they have demanded from the ICC to ban this shot.

In the first two ODIs played against India in Sydney, Glenn Maxwell scored a lot of runs through a “switch hit” and played a quick innings. However, Chappell feels that this is not true with the bowlers. According to him, when a bowler has to tell the umpire before changing his end, how can a batsman suddenly play on the left hand with the right hand. They said,

How can this game be so one-sided? When the bowlers come to bowl, they have to tell the umpire from which side they will bowl. On the other hand, the batsman who is right handed can play with the left hand. If I am the captain of the fielding team and I have put my fielding for the right-handed batsman and before the ball is dropped the batsman stands in the position of the left-hander, then how far is this right?

The chapel continued,

If the batsman does this through his excellent footwork and whatever skill he has, then I have no problem with him. However, what is happening right now is utterly wrong.

One-day pitches have become quite flat – Ian Chappell

Chappell also further said that these days the ODI pitches have become quite flat and the bowlers do not get any help at all. If the team batting first makes a big score, then the match becomes one-sided and there is no thrill in it. According to Chappell, such wickets run in T20 but in ODIs there should be a little contest between the bowler and the batsman.