We have always regarded the Germans as conscientious and their products as well designed and reliable. Audi is no exception, but what you may not know is that in the company with the four rings, whether you are the president, the latest intern, or the newcomer to tighten a screw on the assembly line, they ask you to think and explain (if you wish; here they do not force anyone) how you would improve the tasks and production processes.

Do you think that two ‘brave’ are racking their brains? Well, no. In fact, the IDEAS program (as this initiative is called) has received 15,628 proposals last year among the workers of Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, of which more than half have been implemented: 9,265.

These changes meant savings of 94.5 million euros just last year! When the ‘currents’ were asked to send their proposals to better overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus. We give you an example of improvement: sometimes, the clamp that picked up the roofs of the A6 to weld them to the bodywork took two plates instead of one.

This was a complication that involved wasting time until a worker came up with the idea that with a magnetic sensor placed on the robotic arm, the gadget could tell if it had picked up a piece or two, and if there were two, it would separate them using a jet of the air; a simple idea that has already been implemented in both factories.

Audi Means At The Forefront Of Technology,

says Klaus Mittermaier, representative of the Works Council of AUDI AG. And this is the result of the creativity, commitment, and ideas of the employees Also, he points out that anyone in the company can critically question tasks and processes, think things from scratch and find solutions.

What is interesting for the worker, beyond the satisfaction of having contributed to the productivity of their company, is that at Audi they apply that it is well-born to be grateful”. Since they have had almost 95 million euros of savings last year thanks to these ideas, they have given bonuses to workers worth 7.8 million euros Many Spanish companies could take an example.