He was squeezing Valencia and it seemed that Atletico was not able to shake off the pressure in an action that was taking place in the vicinity of the red-and-white area. Just a sigh later, Suarez celebrated the second of his team.

What had happened? It had happened that Hermoso finally surpassed the visiting lines with a long service that already caused a superiority translated into assistance from Joao and shot from 9 to the cage.

Written like this it sounds simple, but everything indicates that one centimeter less would have resulted in Jaume’s stop and an extra centimeter in a deflected ball. He put it at the angle because it was a ball, it would have passed through the eye of the needle if it were a strand of thread. Surgeon precision to celebrate your thirty-fourth anniversary. Years do not pass for goals.

Then Gracia would send Guedes and Simeone would respond by withdrawing Joao, in what seemed like a warning that the priority was now defending the advantage that had cost so much to acquire.

It is not that 7 of the house had done much, but to see who coughs up with goal and assistance. The issue is that Correa appeared and he was the third in the arrival of Llorente to the bottom line that deserved no other solution than that. So Atletico, notably improved, still had a quiet final stretch to live after a match that had not aimed precisely at that before.

Because Valencia appeared in the Metropolitan with determination. And with clear ideas. He was better than Atletico in the first act and was awarded in a wonderful parable by Racic. The play was born on the left,

Where Vrsaljko is not an apex of Trippier yet, but Gaya turned it towards the Serbian’s dominions in the axis, from where he took a devilish shoe that moved away from Oblak as he approached his goal. Uros went to celebrate with Gracia, which says a lot about the commitment of one, which says a lot about the work of the other. Classification tightens, yes.

Atlético had one to get ahead, a great hand from Jaume to get Giménez’s header off the ground, but momentarily he was inferior to his rival. The play left a clue, yes, of what could happen from the corner.

Launched by a right-hander that corner had made a run outwards, bounced by a left-hander inwards it would find the tie in another. Carrasco put it on and Joao hit it with the sole, getting ahead of Correia in what a few meters several hooks were claimed by the visiting rear but that did not deserve an offense for the braid.

The leader found the draw rather early but still did not feel entirely comfortable. Maxi won them all to grant respite at the start while on the other side Koke offered an irregular version in the return after penalty.

A football Stakhanovist like the captain of Atlético does not benefit from any break, an issue that would be demonstrated by the simple passing of the minutes. Simeone insists on placing him as an anchor, also, and the debate continues to serve: the results support the decision, there is no other, beyond the fact that the 6 may need a Herrera. Or a Saul. Or a Torreira. Or a Kondogbia, it will be for options for the midfield.

Still another action left the first act for the chatter. It seemed like a penalty from Maxi to Lemar, the kick is evident, but De Burgos understood that the Frenchman had raised the leg on which the Uruguayan touched him too much, so he resolved the issue with an indirect free kick.

The only thing missing, in terms of merits, was that Valencia retired to the dressing room below the scoreboard after having offered one of their best sections of the year. Unfortunately for your interests, there would be time for it.

Indeed, El Cholo dispensed with Vrsaljko. It was yellow, too. The issue is that without English there is no natural replacement so Carrasco had to move, hence the subsequent litigation with Guedes, from which in any case he did not come off badly.

Valencia lost Diakhaby due to muscle in one of the first races after the restart: it did not seem good news because the Frenchman had handcuffed Luis Suarez until then, the fact is that his position went to Guillamon. Indeed, it was not good news. It was horrible news. To which Hermoso took out that long ball that ended up in the gunman’s boots, Gracia’s squad fell under its own weight. There was hardly a game already and Atletico is happy in its day. And in his 9, which is the same.