And you will apologize first of all. Why? Simple: because this opinion will not be close to the level of the honoree. We are talking about one of the greatest legends of Atlético de Madrid, one of the seven stars of the shield. Today, seven years have passed since Luis Aragonés left and the truth is that he is missed.

At least one, who lived several of his stages in front of Atlético on the other side of the television, the radios, and the newspapers. Yes, those same ones that during his time as a coach did not give him much affection. Things as they are. The football business that a guy with a bare ass would say.

Before continuing, look into my eyes that these are major words. The best true tribute that can be done to Zapatones is to tell him about his Atleti. 611 games in command of the rojiblanca ship. Something that seemed unattainable for those of us who saw the coach’s shredder that Atlético became for decades. Who would have imagined that years later a guy who approaches those figures at the speed of light would come to sit on the bench? Well, this Atleti is the closest thing to what Luis experienced.

What Luis dreamed of. A team capable of competing every week and reaching those dates that we journalists decided to baptize as Luis’s League, contesting the championship. Crazy to tell someone this 15 years ago. Well now it is usually a reality, this year I won’t even tell you. He is even on the way to having days left over. Although now instead of ‘La Liga de Luis’ we usually talk about the game by game. Better to think about Celta that the time will come in May to see how the team is doing.

And win, and win, and win, and win again, and win, and win, and win, and that’s football, gentlemen. Well, that is this Atlético since the guy who wears a suit in games came to the bench. Oh if Luis saw it! Surely that is the part he would like the least, that the coaches have to wear a tracksuit to the game.

The seasons pass and the team reinvent itself, that has not changed, we live it the same in other times, the difference, that Atleti as Luis imagined it, as Luis lived it, is now a reality. The ‘pupae’? Where will that be? What will the rest be?

Aragonese said. We could continue to compare moments, even find more similarities between what Luis wanted his Atelti to be and what Atleti is now. Those of us who are close to 40 know what it is like to see Atleti win two Cups at the Bernabéu against their eternal rival.

Those days when the board is worthless and it is only valid that in the stadium there are 50,000 to die for their players and that the only champion wears red and white. Well, even in that, the Atleti of now looks like the one Luis wanted. Seven long years already. Atlético misses Luis. Soccer misses Luis. Kill me, but don’t lie to me.