Astrill VPN enjoys a great reputation online and is frequently endorsed on tech forums and Reddit. This is frequently because of its exceptional customization and access to the otherwise blocked Internet in China.

Astrill VPN servers are spread across 55+ countries. Although that’s not much in comparison to some of the top VPN services available, it’s not enough to completely disregard the provider. These servers can also handle P2P traffic, support Onion over VPN, and are dedicated servers.

You are able to utilize Astrill VPN on nearly any device you own, thanks to its multiple platform-specific apps. For those who are willing to dig into the options, the desktop versions are powerful and provide a lot.

Read our in-depth review of Astrill VPN, which is provided below, to see if it is the best VPN for you.

Astrill VPN Features

Read our in-depth evaluation of Astrill VPN features below.

Smart Mode

Astrill’s Smart Mode enables foreign websites while excluding local ones from the VPN tunnel. Assuming you reside in China, WeChat will show a localized version of the website when Smart Mode is enabled. However, if you choose to visit Wikipedia, the VPN will be used to access the website using a different IP address.

This allows you to access local services that would be inaccessible with a foreign address and keeps your Internet speed at its best. For instance, utilizing a foreign IP may cause problems while trying to access your bank (which may even trigger security measures).

Devices running Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone, and Android can use the feature. This ought to cover the majority of your equipment.

Kill Switch/App Guard

In the event that the VPN malfunctions, the kill switch disconnects you from the internet. Even if you’re using a trustworthy VPN, your connection can occasionally break down. Your personal information would be exposed right away without a kill switch. On its desktop apps, Astrill VPN delivers a dependable kill switch.

Additionally, Astrill has a Windows feature called App Guard that serves as an “improved” death switch. This function prevents applications like BitTorrent that you don’t want to use without a reliable VPN connection. This is activated automatically during system setup and continues to function even after the Astrill desktop application is closed.

VPN Sharing -Website And App Filter

It enables you to share your desktop device’s VPN connection with other devices connected to the same network without having to install the VPN on each one of them. On your desktop computer, you enable VPN sharing, and on the device, you want to share with, you modify the IP, gateway, and DNS settings. Although installation is a little complex, there are thorough instructions on the Astrill VPN wiki. No other VPNs that I’m aware of offer this capability.

Port Forwarding

Despite the fact that port forwarding is risky, some users simply can’t pass up the advantages. It enables you to reroute connections from your local area network (LAN) to other devices using Astrill. This is a further opening that might be taken advantage of, but it might also be a way to, say, put up a game server.

The communication is forwarded to a VPN’s IP address by Astrill VPN before being sent back to the connected device. Therefore, there is still a barrier separating your device and the server.

With a dedicated IP address, you can forward all the ports, and this works best. On common servers, however, only one pre-selected port can be forwarded.

You can completely disable the feature if the whole thing seems like too much danger for too little gain.

Third-Party VPN Clients

To support older devices, unique operating systems, routers, and other devices, Astrill VPN connects some of its VPN servers with third-party VPN software.


It’s simply quite pricey! The costs for Astrill VPN are as follows:

Version Price
1 month $25
6 months $100 ($16.67/month)
1 year $150 ($12.50/month)

Astrill VPN Servers

Astrill makes use of a network of extremely potent dedicated VPN servers. Many VPN services employ inexpensive VPS, which can only support a small number of users and are perpetually overloaded and painfully slow. Their servers are real things, physically attached to top-notch network nodes, and typically connected by 1Gbit or 10Gbit lines. 

Wherever you will use it, your service will be lightning-fast because of their strategically placed VPN servers, which are spread throughout 106 locations in 56 countries.

Customer support

It might be a little expensive, but with many customer support options, Astrill is always the most responsive and available 24//7. They have an amazing team working behind them to help you with your VPN-relevant problems and offer a smooth connection. So, it is worth every penny. 

Astrill VPN Windows setup

  1. Visit Astrillvpn and choose a package that appeals to you.

2. Now, by providing a username, your email address, and a secure password, you can sign up for the service.

3. Install the VPN app for Windows

4. Now, Install the Windows software for Astrill VPN.

It won’t take more than a minute to complete this. After that, you might also need to restart your computer, which won’t take very long.

5. Following installation, launch the Astrill VPN software.

6. Select the VPN protocol you prefer.

7. Select the server you wish to connect to right now.

8. Toggle the connection “On” by clicking the toggle button.

AstrilVPN Mac Setup

  1. Download the Astrill VPN MacOS Client setup installer from the Downloads page.
  2. You can locate “astrill-setup-win.exe” in one of your computer’s directories after the file has been downloaded. Click it twice to launch the procedure. If you’re running Mac OS 10.8 or higher, Ctrl+click the file icon and then choose open.
  3. Find the Astrill VPN application from the Finger after the installation is finished, and double-click to launch it. Following that, you can access your account by entering your credentials.
  4. After successfully logging in, you will automatically connect in the Openweb mode by default. Through the drop-down list in the menu, you can choose any server location from here.
  5. You are currently linked! Just to make sure you’re connected, click on the Astrill icon and navigate to the “Check my IP” option. You are protected if you see Astrill IP!
  6. Press the “ON” button to connect, then “OFF” to turn the Astrill VPN off. You can hit the “OFF” button to turn the services back on and reconnect. It’s simple to utilize Astrill’s user-friendly UI!

Why should you choose Astrill VPN?

Even when torrenting, Astrill offers stronger encryption, user online security, and higher connection stability. High levels of encryption and a no-log policy will safeguard your online activity from hackers and other parties. The service is headquartered in a location that respects privacy, and it offers first-rate customer support. However, consumers in restrictive countries such as China, Russia, Iran, and others are likely to find it most appealing.


If you are looking for a reliable VPN, you have to give a little credit to the Astrill VPN for being the best in performance and speed. Yes, the price may shock you, but safety is more important, and the features like a kill switch give more relief while you are surfing online.