This pretty declaration of love from G-Eazy to Ashley Benson delighted fans of the duo and we can see why.

Believe it or not, Ashley Benson was reportedly dating a famous actor before G-Eazy. A romance that did not last long since the start of the series Pretty Little Liars has since opened his heart to other personalities. Today, the actress spins the perfect love with the interpreter of Me, Myself, and I and it has been going on for several months. Impossible to be missed by this beautiful idyll given that Ashley and G-Eazy appear more in love than ever with each of their appearances and to believe the message which follows to the young woman, all goes for the best between the two lovebirds.

Crazy in love, G-Eazy sent a message filled with love to his girlfriend who just turned 31: “Happy birthday my beautiful @ashleybenson. I love you like hell” he said. expressed on his Instagram account. A statement that did not fail to delight his community as evidenced by the many comments: “So happy for you, you deserve it. So many people do not know the pain you had to go through to find this happiness. Real life is so different from social media. If you’re happy I’m happy “,” Aww, we’ve been waiting for this “,” I love the way he posted this at midnight to be the first to wish him. It’s is too adorable “. And forevermore tenderness, discover the pretty secrets of G-Eazy about Ashley Benson.