Ash vs Evil Dead is a series which is set almost 30 years after the first three Evil Dead movies, it also serves as a sequel to the trilogy. Ash Williams our lead character works as a simple stock boy at the Value Stop. Ash’s friend Pablo and the one who attracts Pablo’s affections, Kelly, are also working at the same store. Ash seems to have done very little with his life since he returned from 1300 AD to the end of the Army of Darkness, And we can see him living in a trailer at the beginning of the series and drinking alone in bars. Ash, however, must soon begin his everyday life and become a hero once again by taking up arms and facing the Evil Dead. Pablo and Kelly decide to join Ash in their quest to save humanity. Season 1 premiered from 2015 and until this date, there are 3 seasons of the show.


Although it is hard for the series to come back for Season 4, we’d love to see some familiar faces back for the 4th Season.

  • Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams
  • Ray Santiago as Pablo Simon Bolivar
  • Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly Maxwell
  • Jill Marie Jones as Amanda Fisher
  • Lucy Lawless as Ruby Knowby
  • Michelle Hurd as Linda Bates-Emery
  • Ted Raimi as Chet Kaminski

 Is Ash vs Evil Dead Cancelled?

No Ash vs Evil Dead won’t be returning for the 4th season. On April 20, 2018 it was announced that Ash vs Evil Dead had been cancelled after airing for three seasons. The rating of the show went downhill and that was one of the reasons why the show was cancelled. The producers revealed what the season 4 of Ash vs Evil Dead would have looked like if the show had been renewed. It contained a plot that was compared to Mad Max which was created by Raimi and Campbell. Campbell confirmed that he has officially withdrawn from his depiction as Ash after the cancellation, but according to Raimi, it is still possible that the Evil Dead universe could come back to life in the years to come.