Todo indicates that the EGOLAND adventure, designed by aLexBY11 and promoted by the best streamers on the Spanish scene, will come to an end on Wednesday, February 3. This has reactivated the gossipy instinct of the community, which has not ceased when it comes to starting rumors about the video game protagonist of the next series, which will surely shake the scene and social networks.

The last weeks of EGOLAND have not left a pleasant aftertaste, which has come to harm the gaming experience of its participants. The other day I was bored as I had never been bored in my life, explained Ibai Llanos in a recent life. Little by little the great figures have abandoned theĀ  project, which has left such good moments throughout January.

ARK adventure begins, survival with dinosaursSunday the 31st dawned with hopeful news for the entire community, which was made public after a tweet from Willyrex, one of the icons of gaming in Spain. The goal of the series is a lot of laughs and 0 try harder. So each member has been selected and approved by more than 5 people.

In addition to many rules! The goal is for the streamer to have a good time so that the chats are healthy, clarified the influencer. The presentation trailer, as revealed by Willyrex himself, is already being prepared by Nexxuz and will be released in the next few days. The experience he has (in Ark: Survival Evolved) is going to be decisive for the series to be incredible, Specified the Spanish.

This announcement, how could it be otherwise, has removed social networks with Twitter as the main focus. The tweet was expected by many and already has thousands of interactions, after several days in which the Andorra topic has monopolized the conversation.

Ibai Llanos already warned about the series days ago, Ibai Llanos was already revealing certain details about the next series in which the Basque would participate. Willyrex has a spectacular project with me, he confessed during one of his broadcasts on Twitch. However, Ibai has already clarified that it would not be something as big as EGOLAND, but that it would only bring together certain sectors of the streamer community.

Knowing Willy, I know that it is going to be a project for few people because Willy is not going to do a project of 80 people, I already tell you, Ibai revealed with his usual naturalness.

The chat was filled with predictions, which the streamer was discarding for different reasons. To begin with, he discarded Karmaland 2 for not liking Minecraft, a video game that he has hardly spent playing time on. Something from the ARK? It could be something from the ARK, Ibai said planting doubt.