An ordinary person cannot stay away from his smartphone for more than 6 minutes. Every time a user keeps checking on his phone to see messages, notifications, or mail. But many times it happens when we get fed up with these notifications and turn them off. This happens most often with Google’s mailing service ie Gmail. In India, Gmail is used only for official purposes. In such a time, when we sent messages through emails and used to read.

Today, many notifications of Gmail come on every smartphone. These notifications are promotional and spam. In such a situation, these emails of users are seen when someone’s Gmail account becomes completely full. But have you thought about where and why so many emails come to you?

Spam Vs Promotional Mails

Spam mails are those that make you a victim of fraud. That is, if a spam mail arrives on your phone and you click it by mistake, then you can get caught in the trap of fraud in the rest of the process. But where do these emails come from? Actually, these mails come when you give your email id to a website during browsing or download. Spammers steal this email and then attack it in your inbox.

Promotional emails are those when you go to a mall or a store and give your email ID there. Whenever you make a purchase, you give your email ID, from which the line of offers starts in your inbox the very next day.

How To Report Which Messages Are Spam?

To spam any message, you must first see what has been given in that email. If that mail is completely empty and only one link is given, you can mark it as spam. To block it, you can block or report it by going to the right-hand side and choosing the 3 dot option.

How To Subscribe To Subscribe Mails

If you have subscribed to a blog or company, you can also unsubscribe from it. For this, you have to first open that mail and then where the option of unsubscribing is placed just above the mail. If you do not want the mail of that company or blog again, you can unsubscribe it, after which there will be no notification in your mail again.

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