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The online gambling industry experienced exponential growth from 2020 to 2021, peaking at that time due to the popularity of COVID-19; many gamblers were compelled to carve out new ways to enjoy their favorite games.

As the effect of the pandemic eases out, to diversify the gambling market and attract a new generation of punters, many casinos such as Brazino777 Casino and sports betting websites introduced a range of new games, including in-built real-money bingo, Egyptian blackjack, and sports betting options. Many casinos also launched live poker sessions at the same time – and even boasted live dealer services on some platforms. Overall, this had a tremendously positive effect on the online gambling industry.

The sector continues to grow, and more advances are expected in 2022. As technology advances, more people have access to more options and opportunities. This has resulted in higher expectations for games and increased demand.

The global gaming market was valued at $173.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to double by nearly 2026. As you contemplate the future of iGaming, you might find your head spinning.

In the near future, new trends in the iGaming industry will make it an increasingly popular market.

Betting through Smartphones

Most people today use their phones and tablets to perform most of their daily online activities, including playing at their favorite online casinos. The rapid expansion of mobile betting has had a significant impact on the growth of the online casino industry, and this trend is expected to grow further in the coming years.

In 2022, advancements in visual quality on smartphone platforms have attracted a younger and more diverse audience.

An improved visual experience

Online casinos continue to improve their aesthetics, and this trend is expected to further contribute to the popularity of online casinos. Some of the most respected developers and providers are now working on improving online casinos, helping them stay current with modern trends.

Live dealers and virtual tables are projected to be used by certain online casinos as a way to add the live aspect to consumers who like to play from home.


Online casinos have seen the benefits of rewarding customers for signing up for an account. Past research suggests that this may significantly affect many online users’ opinions. Gamblers expect more and more benefits over the following years, which will further increase the industry’s popularity.

E-Sports Betting

Thanks to a variety of recent improvements in the online casino industry, there are more opportunities than ever to bet on eSports. Once considered a small, narrowly focused niche, the sector is expected to grow steadily through 2022.


Online casinos have adapted to the new market trends, which are expected to contribute to the growing popularity of online casinos significantly. Considering the adoption of recent trends in online casinos, there is a strong reason to believe that they will continue to be popular among players in the future. Similarly, the exciting new products, promotions, and games introduced into the market will eventually improve the user experience and attract more players.