In an interview with Comic Book, Apollo Crews revealed that he is working on his mic skills and wishes to become one of the fan-favorite superstars. Here are the most outstanding statements:

“I feel like lately, I’ve been working really hard to improve with promise, I want to be more entertaining. I don’t want to just be the guy who walks into the ring and makes cool moves. I feel like the entertainment part is a big part of this business and that fans can relate to one. ”

“That allows the fans to see who you are as a character, so I feel like it’s something that’s really important to work on so I can get fans to choose to see you in action. I’ve been focusing on that lately and I would like to be able to show a more relaxed side in 2021 “.

“That’s one of the things that I realized later. At first, I thought I should just be disciplined in the ring and I realized that I should not worry too much about it but work with entertainment. I want the fans to know me plus”.

On the last episode of SmackDown, Apollo lost to Big E in a title match for the Intercontinental Championship.