This has got to be a before and after for handball in Spain claimed Dani Sarmiento at the 2013 World Cup. This selection has returned to satisfy, now that the general public follows us more asked Joan Canellas alongside the 2018 European trophy.

With these successes, things of our handball should change, repeated Alex Dujshebaev when he won the 2020 European Championship.

After each milestone of this Spain, and lots of have gone lately, an equivalent demand resounds, more attention for handball, that the fans, the sponsors and therefore the media of 20 years ago return, but the miracle never happens. This Friday within the semifinals against Denmark (8:30 p.m., TDP) and, above all, on Sunday, if the national team reaches the ultimate, there’ll be many spectators enjoying Raul Entrerrios or Ruben Marchan, players of an Asobal League on the verge of bankruptcy. the explanations are already known: the brick crisis hit the clubs Ciudad Real, Portland, Teka, or Valladolid- and Barcelona remained as undisputed champion. Only the titles of the foremost successful generation in history can resurrect Spanish handball, but the way to achieve it?

We need to change our mindset and learn to sell our product. Handball has lived off construction and subsidies and has not known the way to look beyond the classic shirt sponsorship. within the clubs, we’ve to start out working as companies, dedicate a part of our budgets to get structure, to make areas of development, marketing, communication, social networks. If the team wins another medal this Sunday, we might need to be prepared to require advantage of it, explains Gurutz Aguinagalde, knowingly.

Before the coronavirus, the club he chairs, Bidasoa Irun, was the one that grew the foremost in Asobal had returned to the Champions League 23 years later and had repatriated Gurutz’s brother, Julen, one among the simplest pivots in history, absent during this World Cup thanks to physical problems. His signing underpinned the project and helped weather the pandemic the club has only reduced revenue by 12% – but it had been not utilized in other cities.


This is what happens: the image of the players who are references isn’t used. Never. within the 2013 World Cup we filled the Caja Magica or Sant Jordi and therefore the following week there have been not even 1,000 people within the pavilions. I even have played in France and Denmark and there, once they win a World Cup or an EU Championship, the players attend TV, to events with sponsors, they receive tons of attention. People know them, value them which is why they’re getting to see them explains Antonio Garcia, who has lived on each side.

When he was world champion in 2013, he received more tributes in France, where he played then than in Spain, where he now competes, a benchmark for Granollers. Here, he assures, the League lives outside the national team. I think the instance we should always take is basketball. The interest generated by the choice years ago was used so that several clubs grew which is maintained now. we’ll always be a soccer country, but more things are often done, concludes García, whose opinion is shared by the experts.

Global is an unequal league where there are clubs with tradition and a particular structure, like Bidasoa, Ademar, Anaitasuna, or Granollers, which may change things and clubs that require help. LaLiga, the NBA, or the Euroleague have departments that support clubs in many areas, also in matters like marketing or communication, which is that the model. during this case, a successful selection could serve for a joint initiative analyzes Carlos Cantó, CEO of SPSG Consulting and member of the Spanish Marketing Association.

According to its 2020 sports sponsorship barometer, published yesterday, there are not any handball players related to major brands as if it happens in basketball, tennis, motor. something that ought to improve with work: Spanish clubs must rethink many things.

It does not matter just where the matches are broadcast, you furthermore may need to become involved in promoting highlights, in showing the sportsmen’s stories in short, in modernizing the merchandise and reaching children.

Handball like this is often now facing a replacement opportunity, perhaps the last, perhaps the penultimate.

After the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, a part of the present generation -Raul Entrerrios, Dani Sarmiento, Joan Canellas, Julen Aguinagalde, Gideon Guardiola, Viran Morros will leave the national team and achieve successes, although possible with the leadership of Alex Dujshebaev and Gonzalo Perez de Vargas, won’t be so continuous.

If they beat Denmark and substitute the ultimate it’ll be their third (before, 2005 and 2013) in recent times. This has got to be a before and after for handball in Spain claimed Dani Sarmiento when he won the last one. there’s still much to try to do.