The popular drama series Anne With An E has given a great number of lessons to all its viewers, but, this was without a doubt the greatest teaching that the main character Anne received in the series.

Three seasons – long drama series Netflix, Anne With An E, the main character of Anne experienced a lot of experiences, trials, and transformations in life.

But, there was one of those teachings that were the greatest that managed to impact her and change her way of seeing herself and thinking only about her, before everyone else.

Anne always considered that her red hair was one of her downfalls, the object of ridicule and mistreatment, so much was the comments that hurt her, that she tried to change the color of her hair just to please everyone and not be seen as a stranger.

However, in doing so, she realizes that she no longer recognizes herself and, desperately trying to bleach it, turns it green.

This leads to Anne sporting a pixie cut for much of season two, something that made her reason and thinks more about herself and not what others are saying. A great life lesson.