The popular series of Netflix, Anne With An E, saw its cancellation in season 3 of the program, showing a great cast who played the characters of the series. But what did Gilbert Blythe look like in the books?

The character of Gilbert is presented in the books of the writer Lucy Montgomery as, a tall knob, with curly brown hair, hazel eyes that made him mischievous, but with a crooked mouth and mocking smile.

His appearance made him very popular with the young women of Avonlea, as he had a dreamlike appearance, so said Diana friend of Anne.

But, the actor who gave life to the character of Gilbert, Lucas Zumann in Anne With An E of Netflix, fits almost perfectly with the description of Montgomery’s novels, in fact, until his hazel eyes.

However, in the series, Gilbert’s backstory is much darker than in the books. Although it retains some of its youthful qualities.

Something that differentiated the Gilbert of Anne With An E from the one in the books was his maturity compared to the joker or rogue in the books.