For anyone feeling lonely on vacation, Love seems like the perfect cure. It has a wide cast of talented actors, all the stories come together, and it’s easy to love the characters.

Some of the relationships didn’t work out, but this gave the movie a more realistic feel. For those who found their true love, it had a very satisfying feeling. Although Hugh Grant cannot understand why the movie is so popular, it played out as follows.

However, some of the characters seemed a bit strange, such as Andrew Lincoln’s character, Mark. He didn’t find his love, but he certainly impressed everyone who saw the movie.

Andrew Lincoln played Mark, Peter’s best friend. Mark’s love interest was Juliet, played by Keira Knightley. At the beginning of the movie, Mark tends to avoid Juliet and openly snub her. As he is the best man at Peter and Juliet’s wedding, things are more than a little awkward.

Juliet is not exactly thrilled that Mark is going to record the wedding, as she worries that he might sabotage the tape. When he refuses to give her the tape, Juliet visits him, thinking that she cannot reject it in person.

Mark isn’t exactly willing to show it to her, but Juliet manages to catch a glimpse of it. She is surprised to see that instead of being squeezed in every shot, she is front and center. As she watches the video, she realizes that Mark doesn’t hate her at all. Instead, he is in love with her.

Andrew Lincoln admitted his character in Love was a stalker

It may have seemed a bit romantic the first time someone saw the movie, but the scenes with Andrew Lincoln’s character take on a different light in light of the comments he made recently.

“Is a stalker. That was my question to Richard Curtis, ‘Don’t you think we’re in some kind of stalker territory here that we shouldn’t go through?’ And he said, ‘No, no. You’ll know how to solve it, you’ll be fine. ‘”

Fans quickly caught on to this, but since Mark never did anything too creepy, it was easy to forgive him for it.

There was a sequel where Mark once again breaks the cue cards for Juliet, but it is revealed that he has found self-love, so while it was spooky, things worked out for Mark in the end.