American Gods goes completely off book in season 3, episode 4, “The Unseen” and our reviewers handle all of the new details which set the stage for the remainder of the season.

Halfway through American gods season 3 and the series has left Lakeside to get an episode made to introduce three entirely new storylines. “The Unseen” is a fitting title for an episode that compels Shadow Moon, Bilquis, Laura, and Wednesday beyond the confines of the first novel.

Episode 4 sends Shadow and Tech Boy on a two-man mission to save Bilquis, Wednesday and Cordelia covers a visit to Valhalla East, and treats us to Laura sharing the show with Sweeney for the first time this season. Regrettably, it’s not precisely what we had in your mind.

While the questions surrounding the endgame of the Old and New Celtics continue to stack up, our reviewers take a look at just how these new storylines both reevaluate and support our ongoing thoughts for how the series will play out.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood called Manson as the exact same abuser that she testified concerning before the California Senate in April 2019 to help pass the Phoenix Act, which would extend the statute of limitations in domestic abuse cases. Wood wrote the bill herself to be able to help other survivors, and the bill was signed into law.

Upon Wood’s naming of Manson yesterday, four additional girls have come forward with similar statements. Within hours of the allegations,” Starz published a message on American Gods social media stating that Manson’s forthcoming appearances on the show would be edited. Manson has also been dropped from his record label and AMC’s Shudder has pulled Manson’s upcoming episode of Creepshow.

Hypable is dedicated to flagging the presence of known abusers in the properties we cover and questioning the studios and networks that continue to employ known abusers. We support Starz’s fast response to the allegations against Manson. This review, written before the allegations naming Manson, discusses the actions of Manson’s character Johan, but does not discuss Manson by title.