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The USFL and the NFL are two professional football leagues in the United States. The United States Football League was relaunched in 2021, with the inaugural season taking place in 2022. It rose from the ashes of the old edition that operated from 1983 to 1985. American football fans have welcomed the introduction of the new league, which will bring competition to the current NFL. Even major bookmakers have discussed the introduction of the USFL, disrupting the world of sports betting. With the new USFL betting lines, football fans can test their knowledge and skills by betting on the matches of this new league. But what sets the USFL apart from the better-known NFL? Let’s find out together.

Major and Minor: The Difference Between the Leagues

The NFL is considered the main American football league and has gained global fame. In contrast, the USFL was founded in 2022 and is trying to secure a place in the professional football landscape. In terms of competition, the USFL is a competitor to the NFL, and there is no developmental relationship between the two leagues.

To become an NFL player, one must participate in the NFL draft, which is one of the most rigorous selection processes in all professional sports. While many USFL players have competed in Division 1 at the university level, the NFL draft selects the best of the best. The NFL is the largest American football organization in the world and while the USFL seeks to compete, it must also contend with other leagues, such as the CFL or the XFL.

Brand Power and Budget: The Difference in Money

The NFL has greater brand power than the USFL, with a following of over 26 million followers on Instagram compared to the USFL’s 96,000. Additionally, the NFL has greater earning opportunities for players than the USFL. Even a mediocre career in the NFL can put a player and their family in financial security for life. Elite NFL players are some of the highest-paid athletes in the world, with an average of around $2.7 million per year.

League Organization: The Difference in Schedules

The NFL has 32 teams that play 17 times in the regular season. The USFL, on the other hand, is much smaller and has only eight teams that each play 10 times in the regular season. Additionally, the USFL season takes place at a different time of year than the NFL season. The NFL starts the season in September and ends in February, while the USFL starts in April and ends in July. The USFL seeks to capitalize on the NFL’s off-season to create more interest in the game.

Rule Differences: The USFL’s Alternative Approach

The USFL has chosen an alternative set of rules for American football, a hybrid of NFL, college, and other minor league rules. The goal of the USFL is to create new rules that can attract new viewers and offer a different view of the game.

The USFL has adopted an overtime system similar to that of college football, where teams compete with 2-point conversion attempts from the 2-yard line. Additionally, the USFL has chosen to differentiate itself from the NFL regarding kickoffs and onside kicks. The USFL has chosen to start games with the team kicking from their own 25-yard line rather than the NFL’s midfield. This is hoped to increase the number of kickoff returns in a game but also limit the risk of high-speed collisions between players.

The USFL has also introduced a rule that allows teams to opt for a fourth down and 12 yards instead of attempting an onside kick to try to recover the ball. This way, United State Football League seeks to offer an interesting alternative to the onside kick so that teams can try to recover the ball without running the risk of injury.

Finally, the USFL has adopted a replay system that allows for only one challenge per game for coaches but a replay jury that has the authority to correct any errors made on the field.


The USFL has chosen to differentiate itself from the NFL to create an alternative to American football. The USFL has chosen to adopt some alternative rules, such as the overtime system, kickoffs and onside kicks, and a limited replay system. However, the USFL still has to face the competition of the NFL and other minor leagues. Despite this, the USFL is trying to capitalize on the differences between the leagues to offer a unique gaming experience and attract new viewers.