Alyssa Milano is completely natural. The actress decided to post a photo of herself without makeup on Instagram.

Let it be said, Alyssa Milano does not care about cosmetic surgeons who say she has been transformed by her operations. The actress is well in her body. For her birthday, she did not hesitate to post a photo of herself on Instagram, all accompanied by a long message: “That’s what 48 years old is. No filter. No makeup. Just my skin I’ve become super comfortable in. My body makes a crackling noise when I walk. The other day my daughter asked me why my butt was so wagging. Sometimes I forget things. I’m tired all the time. But overall I’m thankful for this life. My life. ”

Completely in tune with herself, Alyssa Milano continued: “If someone told me that I could choose in whom I would like to reincarnate in the next life, I would still choose myself. Even with the trials I have. I’ve been shattered and healed and shattered all over again. I marvel at how we heal. You have that superpower too. We are all strong. It’s okay not to be well. (…) My wish for my birthday is to have real freedom. For everyone. ” An important message. And for even more news on the Charmed star, check out some adorable photos of Alyssa Milano in her youth.