• The Fiend’s partner defeated Asuka on the most recent Red Show broadcasts.

During the Monday Night RAW broadcasts through the USA Network, superstar Alexa Bliss defeated female champion Asuka in a non-title heads up.

In the main event of this week’s Red Show, Alexa Bliss faced Asuka in a match that did not see the RAW women’s title on the line. The insistence of “The Empress” at the beginning of the fight was notorious, surpassing its opponent for several moments. However, a blackout followed by the commercial hiatus revealed a much darker new side to Bliss.

The new Alexa was much more agile and resisted the movements of the champion. After failing a Mandible Claw, the companion of “The Fiend” managed to trap Asuka in a Sister Abigail to apply the count of three that would bring her victory. The cameras caught Alexa returning to her usual colorful outfit but managed to surprise the audience when she exclaimed the phrase “Let Me In” with the voice of Bray Wyatt. The episode closed with a shot of the cold gaze of tonight’s winner.

Alexa Bliss attacked Randy Orton last week

After a brief run between Randy Orton and Triple H, the arena lights suddenly went out only to reveal Alexa Bliss in a corner. Bray Wyatt’s companion managed to catch the eye of “The Viper” while revealing the word “Pain” on her hand. Seconds later, Alexa threw a Fireball into the face of Randy Orton, who was seen in pain on the ground as this week’s broadcasts closed.