Brock Lassner

It was clear some time ago that Brock Lassner’s contract with WWE has ended and he has become a free agent. That news about WWE and Lassner was confirmed by Paul Hayman, a former advocate of Brock Lassner. Now Wrestling legend Dave Meltzer has revealed a few things that suggest that which wrestlers can fight against Lassner after his return.

Wrestling observer Dave Meltzer was asked in Wrestling Observer Radio whether Brock Lassner and Bobby Lashley would be seen in WWE. Dave Meltzer stated that if Brock Lassner returns, his match might be against Drew McIntire and Roman Rance.

I do not think that will happen, maybe in Saudi Arabia. The WWE wants to save them for a big push. Or you can heat the show by investing money on superstars like Brock Lassner. It looks like the WWE could use Brock Lasnar against Roman Rance and Drew McIntire instead of Bobby Lashley. It was heard that Brock might return during Saudi Arabia or WrestleMania.

When did Brock Lassner fight the last match in WWE?

Brock Lassner was last seen at WrestleMania 36. Brock Lassner was defending the WWE Championship against Drew McIntire, but Drew won the title by defeating him as well as creating history. Brock Lassner has not been seen in the WWE ring since then. In WWE, Brock Lassner is the only wrestler to have won the Universal Championship three times.

By the way, Brock Lassner still has a lot of dream matches left in WWE. Everyone has been talking about a dream match for many years. Brock wants to watch Lassner and Bobby Lashley’s match. But it remains to be seen when Lassner returns, against whom he himself wants a match.