Actress and model Chrissy Teigen sacrificed her forthcoming role in Never Have I Ever season 2following cyberbullying accusations. Never Have I Ever is a fictionalized version of founder Mindy Kaling’s childhood. The coming-of-age comedy series follows Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a first-generation Indian American teenager, as she tries to navigate the battles of high school after the death of her father. Season 1 of the series aired on Netflix in 2020, also Never Have I Ever season 2 is in the works.

Teigen recently made headlines later model and reality television personality, Courtney Stodden, accused Teigen of cyberbullying them. Teigen took to Twitter to criticize Stodden for marrying a much older guy, their spouse Doug Hutchison who was 60 years old at the time. Teigen had tweeted wishing Stodden would”have a dirt tub” and reportedly send direct messages to them telling them to kill themselves. At the time, Stodden was a minor at 16 years of age. Even though Teigen has since apologized, many feel it is too little too late.

TVLine confirms that Teigen walked away from her role in Never Have I Ever before season 2. Teigen was originally cast as a guest role in season 2. Though her role was just a voiceover, and she wasn’t set to look on screen, she chose to resign from the function amid the cyberbullying controversy. The nature of Never Have I Ever lends itself to regular star cameos, but it seems that Teigen will no longer be among these.

Even though Teigen will no more be on Never Have I Ever, fans of the show still have plenty to look forward to when it comes to the season 2 cast. Common is set to combine 2 and it looks like he will have a larger role than a cameo since he had been spotted on set. He’s set to play with Dr. Chris Jackson who works in Nalini’s building and is set on impressing her. Additionally, Megan Suri and American Vandal Tyler Alvarez will also join the cast. Fans may also be dying for a Kaling cameo, which could happen this upcoming season. Not to mention, there are numerous plotlines that fans would really like to watch perform like Devi creating a choice between Paxton and Ben, and Fabiola exploring her dating life after coming out.

Season 2 appears to be shaping up to be a success even without Teigen’s star power. While it appears she may have left on her own accord, it holds a powerful message. It doesn’t seem like Teigen’s absence will affect the storyline of this show at all and even if it did, the notion of shutting down someone who perpetuates cyber-bullying would be worth the reduction, especially in a series that takes place in high school where it’s a significant matter. Regardless, fans can still look forward to season 2 coming in July 2021.