Seemingly a charming five-day vacationer escape to Texas has transformed into a peculiar encounter for Spanish Hermes de la Torre and his accomplice caught like numerous different voyagers by the colder time of year storm that hits this and different conditions of the USA. Without power, food, or running water. In the end you oversee, today we have taken snow to toss it in the restroom and dissolve it, we are incomplete Robinson (Crusoe) plan,” jokes De la Torre in a call from Austin, the capital of Texas.

Essentially attempting to converse with De la Torre is an odyssey, since the power in his lodging is sliced off because of the tempest and it is a serious accomplishment to re-energize the cell phone since everything is shut down in the road. Luckily, on account of another visitor of a similar foundation who they saw the main day bringing food from outside, they have found another lodging in the rear of theirs, with power and food, maybe because a military separation is housed there.


The strange excursion of this 53-year-old Spaniard, who has lived in New York since September 2019, started last Sunday when he was going to get the plane back home in the early evening from the Austin air terminal. We showed up at the air terminal and practically all the flights were dropped, however, we thought ‘how fortunate’ because our own was not. It required some investment to board, however they didn’t disclose to us anything. At that point we sat on the plane for two hours,” he reviews.

The group requested their understanding, yet following two hours they were informed that travelers who needed to go out and stretch their legs could do as such since the fuel had frozen and the airplane couldn’t take off. In the wake of expenditure barely an hour meandering around the air terminal, De la Torre discovered over the public location framework that his flight was dropped and that the organization, Jet Blue, was not liable for anything. They gave us a number so we could call to oblige us on different flights, however, they disclosed to us that the soonest it very well may be was Thursday,” clarifies this Granada-conceived, who thought that it was difficult to locate another choice to fly.

Around then, they were confronted with the possibility of remaining at the air terminal because of the absence of transportation to get back to the city of Austin: “We took a gander at the Uber application, and taxicabs and there was nothing at all since it was completely frozen It wasn’t snowing a lot however it began to drop down to – 3 and – 4 degrees Celsius. At long last, they got hold of a Uber and went to Austin, without having held convenience and with the greater part of the lodgings full, even though they found an inn to remain on the web.


They showed up soon after 9:00 p.m. on Sunday and hit the sack until around 2:00 a.m. they woke up “with a huge virus.” “I went to turn on the light and there was none, and we thought ‘what something bizarre’, and I figured they probably avoided the leads in the room,” says De la Torre, who picked to attempt again to nod off regardless of the virus. The following morning they woke up shuddering and chose to attempt to move from Austin, where all the dropped flights were still, to Dallas, where they saw that 35% of the flights were all the while leaving.

We required an arrangement since what were you doing – he says-, in that place, we were unable to remain because we were frozen, it very well may resemble – 3 degrees “.” So I said ‘indeed, we should go to the Greyhound bus stop and check whether we get a transport that goes to Dallas because there could have been no different transportation methods, yet we additionally had the difficulty that there was no taxi or Uber, it was all covered “with a day off, De la Torre.

Accordingly, they ventured to every part of the six kilometers that isolated them from the bus stop by walking, strolling cross-country on the snow for two hours, without knowing Austin and utilizing Google Maps, and furnished distinctly with a sweatshirt, a “limited anorak “and a few gloves. The difficult walk turned out to be considerably harder in the last segment when they ran out of versatile web, even though they figured out how to discover their direction by asking a hobo who was in the city.


What’s more, the thing is, the point at which they wound up in an inn on the edges, they needed to cross pieces of the city whose roads were abandoned, where there were camps for “destitute” individuals. “It was all tragic.” Eventually, they made it to the bus stop, however, it was bolted tight. As it was difficult to go to the downtown area, they remained in another lodging that they saw around a short way from the bus stop. In that foundation, “it was strange, we had checked in and there were lines of individuals showing up, who had remained on the ground like us inquiring as to whether there was power, moving from other hotels.”Apart from a warm spot to rest, they were at last ready to place something in their mouth after over 24 hours without eating, because of the way that they found the other inn where the military separation is found. Notwithstanding, the evening of Tuesday to Wednesday, at 02:00, the force went out again in his new convenience, with the ensuing interference of the warming and the water supply.


They have attempted to move to the inn behind yours however their rooms are saved for the remainder of the week. At that point, we saw that a transport leaves the station and we have gambled purchasing a pass to go to Dallas tomorrow around lunchtime (Thursday). From that point there are many flights now,” he says. More than 3 million individuals have been without power in Texas for quite a long time because of the tempest, which annihilates a few pieces of the United States and has caused at any rate 26 passings. What has struck De la Torre the most is that the absence of foreknowledge in a politically influential nation like the US and the reality of having survived a power outage for such a long time, without water or power, and without having the option to cover essential requirements, such as brushing your teeth.