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Social media channels are full of advice on how to bet on sports. Looking through them might be a good use of time. In the endless flow of Twitter’s accounts, you can find infographics, news, gossip, tutorials, and many more. All these details should be considered while placing your bets on Bambet online sports betting.

In other words, looking through the most popular sport betting pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram makes sense. Thanks to our ultimate selection of the best sports betting influencers, you will always catch the latest posts about betting on tennis tournaments in the upcoming 2023 season.

The List of the Best 8 Sports Betting Influencers in 2023

Below you can find a selection of the top eight influencers who regularly publish content relevant to sports betting enthusiasts. Here we are:

8. Rufus Peabody

Rufus delivers exciting news from the NFL and NBA world every day. Apart from American Football, his Twitter is full of betting advice. And the followers emphasize that they regularly come true.

Peabody is also the owner of an app that will be useful for anyone placing bets on sports. Be sure to check out his profile.

7. Chad Millman

Chad Millman is an owner of a podcast that hosts the best analysts in the sports betting niche. His live broadcast is a guarantee of quality formations and picks. Chad provides valuable NFL and NBA infographics. Every fan of these sports should observe his account for a long time. Are you already following him?

6. Megan Makin Money

Megan Makin is among the most famous women in the betting odds market. She shares a lot of predictions on Twitter. Due to the high frequency of posts, you will always have a bright moment on her profile. She also makes your fans laugh by posting entertaining content.

5. Warren Sharp

Is there anyone who doesn’t know Warren? That’s because of his extensive knowledge of the NFL and captivating speech. The account has over 300,000 followers and shares links to upcoming events and analytical reports.

Warren has been at the top for many years. You can learn a lot from his considerable analysis.

4. Ken Pomeroy

All the essential information about the NBA is in a nutshell. Ken can objectively describe every game and event in this league. He shows the most important statistics in the form of short posts. He often suggests making a bet based on a reliable date.

3. Nick Kalikas

He describes himself as a pro bettor of combat sports. Nick knows the UFC like no other. This is the reason he presents his expert opinion at their conferences. He observes the players closely, which positively affects the winning percentage.

Besides the ready-made tips, he also provides exciting interviews from which you can conclude. He has a healthy approach to competition and often shows his colleagues’ suggestions.

2. David J. Chao

He has seventeen years of experience analyzing American Football games. David is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this sport. If you are new to the NFL, check out his profile. That way, you will get all the information about an injury or a transfer. David Chao helps you look at a particular action with an expert’s eye and pick the most valuable tips.

1. Payne Insider

Payne gained deep knowledge about the sports market working on American TV stations. He also shares his subjective options about popular sports on his Twitter account. His profile is full of ironic but on-point observations. He specializes in the NFL, but even as a non-fan, you should keep an eye on it.

Should I Rely on These Sports Betting Influencers?

Sport is unpredictable, and sometimes the deepest thoughts can be wrong. You can never take someone else’s posts as a guarantee of success. Even if experts try to give the best tips, you should never rely on them one hundred percent.

Suggestions and information shared by influencers regularly turn out to be helpful, but these are still only their suggestions. You sometimes must use your analytics skills and logic to place a value bet.

It would help if you watched out for scammers and spammers. Nothing will replace your research, but the profiles of some influencers are worth following. Choose the accounts of top experts and take advantage of what they offer you. That skill visibly raises your winning percentage.


We have brought you a list of some of the best profiles to follow in the betting industry. Thanks to this article, you know how to search for informative content and what to pay attention to. Now go and place your bet!