• WWE has recently made some decisions that are difficult to understand.
  • The WWE has taken very poor decisions in the last few months.

Even when the entire world was troubled by the Corona epidemic, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon did not give up and saw the epidemic as a challenge and an opportunity. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, there has been a lot of change around the world, but Vince McMahon has confirmed that WWE fans continue to see their favorite shows every week.

Although WWE should be praised for this, but at the same time, the last few months have seen some poor decisions from the creative team which are beyond comprehension. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 recent decisions taken by WWE which is incomprehensible.

5.With the strangely eliminating Seth Rollins himself in WWE Survivor Series 2020

It was confirmed that WWE Superstar Seth Rollins was going to break after Survivor Series PPV, but the way he was chosen to be removed from WWE television is strange. Let me tell you, this SmackDown superstar purposely made himself an elimination during the Men’s Elimination Tag Team match in Survivor Series.

There were many better ways to get Rawlins out of WWE programming and instead the Rawlins’ position in the WWE Survivor Series would have been better exploited by both superstars if they had given a superstar like Alister Black or Apollo Cruise. It would not be wrong to say that the company’s decision to exclude Seth Rollins from WWE television in this manner is incomprehensible.