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What are you doing right now while reading this article sitting or standing? There is a high probability that you are sitting as not everyone knows today about the harmful consequences of a sedentary mode of life. Sitting for 6-8 hours daily in the office or at home should despair from our regular working habits. We will discuss the main reasons concerning it further in the article.

Innovative standing desks can not only improve our physical state but also boost our effectiveness and help us perform ordinary tasks faster. You decide individually for how long you want to stand or sit, but commonly it’s important to balance these two activities for the considerable difference. You can find many diverse variants of custom standing desk currently.

You know, it mainly depends on your preferences and budget as you can purchase an absolutely new desk with automated columns, a control panel, and many other accessories included or simply upgrade the desk you have by adding smart adjustable elements.

The leading smart device manufacturers, like Progressive Automation, offer their potential customers a great opportunity to build their perfect standing desk table online before actual purchase using their simple virtual constructor. In such a way, you can choose the table, style, and color of all the necessary parts of your future table as well as to see the final price.

Standing Desk and How Does It Work?

Today, innovative tech producers call this upgraded furniture differently. One more variant you can find on the Internet is a sit-and-stand or motorized desk. It’s not so important how they name it, as the most essential is that you feel comfortable conditions and become healthier in many ways. Today’s alternative constructions are customized and adjustable, allowing the user to change the desktop’s height and switch between standing and sitting.

According to the initial research about the standing desk variant, even at an early stage, it has been proved that standing while working can bring considerable health benefits, and what is more important, the following habit can enhance the level of productivity. People at least can partly get out of a regular habit to sit for many hours in front of the computer. We have gathered five major reasons experts recommend using a standing desk.

Here are 5 benefits of using a standing desk that is grounded by science.

The less you sit, the lower the risk of obesity.

Typically people gain additional weight when they do not move enough and consume more calories than they really can burn. So, if you are an active person who does not sit in the office for 8 hours without normal breaks, constantly eating cookies and cakes, you can burn all the calories throughout the day and keep yourself in good form. The fastest way to cope with all the gathered calories, of course, is to perform physical exercises, but if for some reason you can not do it regularly, there is a perfectly good way out – to find the best adjustable desk for your needs.

It has been proved scientifically that if you stand up to 40-50% of your regular work time per day instead of constantly sitting, it’s possible to burn 200-250 calories. Just imagine how many calories per week you can burn just standing from time to time.

Reduce your back pain simply using a standing desk.

People who lead a very sedentary life always complain about pain and strain in the back, waist, and shoulders. For clear evidence concerning the benefits of standing desk for your back, several studies have been carried out with the employers involved who had complaints about the following problem.

In accordance with this social research, approximately 32% of people really felt an improvement in their health after 3-4 weeks of using innovative smart desks during work. One more research presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that when the study group used adjustable standing desks, they received more energy and got reduced pain in the upper back and neck part of the body by 54% after only one month.

Furthermore, when the same people started to live sedentary office life, they lost the following improvements just in a two-week period.

Think about your inner power and the better mood you can have every day.

A good state of your general well-being can greatly influence the way you work and get results. And standing desks can assist in this sophisticated matter. Those participants who worked using the new desks shared their great experience and were surprised that they felt less stress and general fatigue in comparison with that group of participants who continued to work the whole day seated.

Moreover, almost 90% of the participants who worked at standing desks were informed about the new tangible energy level and elevated vigor the entire day. When returning to their traditional seating desks, their general moods became as previously before the studies. These findings are, indeed, very helpful in terms of learning such feelings as anxiety and depression. As we can vividly observe, the direct influence of the sedentary mode of life on various unpleasant physical and mental states for people.

Your productivity can also be boosted with standing desk use.

A common concern of people who do not have experience working at the adjustable table is that they will not be able to type and feel inconveniences. Still, this is just a popular delusion without clear grounds. First off, you will 100 percent get used to such changes, and these desks do not have a significant impact on traditional tasks you have while working.

If you look at the research where sixty people were involved using automated desks for four hours per day, they discovered no changes in their typing manner and the typical speed of this activity.

Summarizing that standing enhances energy and general mood, applying a motorized desk is more likely to improve motivation and productivity rather than slow it down.

To live a longer life, try to stand more!

Different contemporary studies have established a vivid link between constant sitting during life and premature death. There is nothing surprising about it, as workers who sit a lot daily receive more risks of having type 2 diabetes and problems with blood pressure and heart. According to many proven studies, we received the figures that shock and prove the fact that more active daily life can really longer our lifespan.

Our modern trend to live an eco-friendly life and involve more health-oriented and ergonomic technical solutions are the best evidence of people’s desire to live better lives and enjoy every day with a high level of energy.